Dinah Brand: Dublin supergroup purvey languorous guitar music

Thank You Driver
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Artist: Dinah Brand
Genre: Rock
Label: Transduction Records

Former members of Pet Lamb, The Stars of Heaven, Jackbeast and Legion of Two have united again as Dinah Brand to produce a brilliant third album, which is arguably the best Irish guitar-based album since Fontaines DC caused such a stir with their debut, Dogrel, a few short months ago.

Keeping true to the theme of being in multiple bands, on the first track, Protagonist, Dylan Philips sings the opening line, "John turned his hand, formed a little hardcore band. His aim was just to shit in your ear, and find out who his peers were."

The musical terrain is very reminiscent of classic jingle jangle merchants like Neil Young, Big Star and The Replacements, as Dinah Brand purvey a rich and languorous blend of mid-tempo rock custom made for long summer days and nights. Stephen Ryan of The Stars of Heaven produced some the best ever Dublin born and bred music in the 80s, and it is riveting to have another opportunity to savour his fretwork.

John Hegartry and Cian Nugent also make cameos on a wonderful homegrown album, which richly deserves to be in the shake-up for the next Choice Music Prize.