Antonio Faraò American Quartet: Evan

Fri, Dec 6, 2013, 00:00



Antonio Farao American Quartet

Cristal Records


Italian pianist Antonio Faraò is steeped in the American post-bop tradition, with more than a trace of Herbie Hancock in his playing. When Faraò flew to New York earlier this year to record a new album, he went straight to the top of the A-list, recruiting master drummer Jack DeJohnette, saxophone colossus Joe Lovano and omnipresent bassist Ira Coleman. Hired-gun affairs such as this can often see the leader overwhelmed by his own side men. But Faraò is impressively in command, and his catchy, up-beat tunes get the best out of his collaborators. Lovano is as melodically lithe as ever; Coleman is always sensitive to the movement around him; and though DeJohnette hardly breaks a sweat, the grooves are impeccable from beginning to end.