Not Your Kind of PeopleStunvolume ****

It’s been seven years since their last studio album, but Garbage aren’t ready for the scrapheap just yet. Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker parted ways after their 2005 album, Bleed Like Me, to pursue solo projects, but reconvened in 2010. Rather than try and update their sound, theyve stuck to the template of their first two albums – and it works. It sounds like vintage Garbage, right down to the twisted guitars, the thunderous electro beats and the little Gothic flourishes. There’s even a stop-start bit reminiscent of Supervixen. Manson effortlessly snatches back her indie queen crown on Blood For Poppies, I Hate Love and the fabulous title track, while Vig, Erikson and Marker put all their old studio tricks to maximum use on Automatic Systematic Habit, Control, Battle In Me and Man on a Wire. Welcome back to the 1990s – weren’t they great?

Download tracks:Blood for Poppies, Not Your Kind of People, Battle in Me