Oxegen: The weekend in tweets


@NeilOGormanNever rained this much when it was Witnness, did it?

@UnaMullallyBest line I’ve heard so far at Oxegen: “Have you not got a jacket witchu Joanne?” “No.” “Dont worry we’ll rob someone’s.” Comedy gold.

@niamhconroyStill processing how good Jay-Z was last night. Does not fully compute. Amazing, absolutely saturated party time. #oxegen

@jai_dee“I bought my vuvuzela on a stall up here. It’s my revenge for having to listen to them all through the World Cup,” - a concertgoer at Oxegen

@adrianwecklerSplattered. Caked. Muddified. And rain getting heavier. Terrain now reminiscent of Rangoon. Even Dizzee Rascal can’t raise spirits. #oxegen

@CallMeKatyaI feel convinced that I would fully enjoy Oxegen if I had a sedan chair and two people to carry it.

@danwiltonWow. Oxegen. Black eyed peas doing a u2 cover. Send help

@BombayBicycleOn the way to oxegen, how wet is it? Definitely unprepared

@stephenolearyOxegen Day 2 - you spoiled us. Highlights - Gossip and Hot Chip. Hidden Gem - Daisy Dares You. Bring on Day 3 :D

@DiYLANThe Drums were the most fun band I’ve seen at #Oxegen so far, proper dancefest!

@larouxofficialThank you to T in the Park and Oxegen. Great crowd, despite driving rain. And lovely support from everyone with regards to my sore throat

@Christine_mufcSoooo happy the Sun is out! Fingers crossed it stays that way! #oxegen

@calvinharrisOxegen last night was the gig of my life...! I’m going back to London now. Not had very much sleep at all. All sorts of weirdness went on!?

@kevgordonAnother Oxegen has come and passed. Although, in the words of Danny Glover, “I’m too old for this shit

@Nialler9Highlights of Saturday at #oxegen Keles blinding set to about 300 people and Hot Chip’s dance party.