Ryan Tubridy’s new books podcast to launch next week

Former RTÉ 1 presenter will speak to international guests about their life stories through the prism of books

Former RTÉ Radio1 and The Late Late Show presenter Ryan Tubridy, will launch a new books podcast next week. The Bookshelf with Ryan Tubridy is sponsored by Eason, and will feature international guests from the worlds of music, television, literature and sports who share a love for reading.

They will discuss their life story through the prism of three books: their favourite childhood book, the book that made them cry, and the book that changed their life.

Tubridy will also offer book recommendations.

He has described the podcast as a “passion project” of his for a couple of years, noting that he has not previously had the time to put it together.


“Harold Macmillan used to talk about ‘events, dear boy, events’. Those times in life when the least expected things happen. Such events happened to me last summer,” Tubridy said.

RTÉ removed Tubridy from the airwaves in 2023 after it admitted understating his pay over several years.

“Despite it being an exceptionally difficult time, it made me reassess and explore new opportunities to realise some dreams I’ve long held in my heart. One was to work on the radio in the UK which I am currently doing and loving,” Tubridy said.

“The other was to bring The Bookshelf with Ryan Tubridy to fruition which is where we are today. I always say, you’ll never be lonely or bored with a book in your hand. They bring company, enlightenment and enrichment whether you’re reading a comic, a cereal box or a crime novel.”

Tubridy now presents a mid-morning show on Virgin Radio UK.

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