Crosaire No 17410 by Crossheir – Monday, November 2nd, 2020

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8 Detective (PI-) and judge (-RATE) (PIRATE) working overseas with Grace O’Malley (PIRATE Queen),

9 Organisation (United Nations = UN-) is sensitive (-AWARE-) to school (-S) (UNAWARES) taken by surprise (UNAWARES)

10 Swelter (BAKE) on the outskirts of Basingstoke (on the outskirts of ‘BAsingstoKE’ = BAKE),


11 It’s not right (it’s OFF-) playing on the golf course (-PUTTING) (OFF-PUTTING) and reason enough not to find the dinner inviting, for instance? (OFF-PUTTING),

12 Turns up (= reversal indicator), research site (lab = -BAL-) divides Frenchmen (MM = -M-M) initially eager (initially ‘Eager’ = E-) (EMBALM) to use preservatives (EMBALM),

14 Describes the next generation (EXPECTED) of forthcoming issues (issues/children = EXPECTED),

15 Film (PICTURE) opening (opening/job = POST-) with comedian (-CARD) (PICTURE POSTCARD) – the type that’s reminiscent of Summer Holiday (PICTURE POSTCARD),

18 Leaves home (home of the tea leaves = TEA CADDY) to be a mentor (teach) briefly (h) (‘teach’ without ‘h’ = TEA C-) to family figure (daddy) starting off (d) (‘daddy’ without ‘d’ = -ADDY) (TEA CADDY)

20 Close one’s eyes (NOD OFF) to gesture (NOD) from old (O-) party (Fianna Fáil = -FF) (NOD OFF),

22 Those giving out (DISPENSERS) to speed (drug) merchants? (drug merchants/chemists = DISPENSERS),

24 Rips off parodist (‘rips’ off ‘parodist’ = aodt = TOAD) – a nasty piece of work to the locals (TOAD),

25 On the radio (= homophone indicator), Jim (‘Jim’ = ‘gym’ = PE-) Power (-P) spills the beans (TALKS) (PEP TALKS) with motivational speeches (PEP TALKS),

26 Awaiting decision (pending) with no introduction (p) (‘pending’ without ‘p’ = ENDING) or conclusion (ENDING).


1 Render defenceless (DISARM) with Garda’s (DI’s = DIS-) gun (-ARM) (DISARM),

2 Some series actors (some ‘seriES ACtors’ = esac) turn up (= reversal indicator) (esac = CASE) in a courtroom drama (CASE),

3 Luther, for instance (Martin Luther = 15th reformer from Reformation = REFORMER), the one working with anagrams? (REFORMER),

4 Nonsense (GUFF) embraced by backward (= reverse indicator) well-off fugitives (embraced by backward ‘well-ofF FUGitives’ = ffug = GUFF),

5 Opens zoo utilising mammals (opens ‘Zoo Unleashing Mammals’ = -ZUM-) in empty space (GA-P) (GAZUMP) to raise price after agreeing lower one (GAZUMP),

6 One needs to deal with this after being on the run (LACTIC ACID) from LA (LA-) cops (cops/Criminal Investigation Department  = -CID) following (= position indicator) wild (= anagram indicator) cacti? (cacti = CTIC A) (LACTIC ACID),

7 Comet (Comet is one of Santa’s REINDEER) seen in the sky once a year? (REINDEER),

13 Bizarre, old (‘bizarre’ archaic/old = ANTIC-) Irishman (-PAT-) found in Ireland (Ireland domain = .ie = -I-E) (ANTICIPATE) produces second guess (ANTICIPATE),

14 Barren (EMPTY) found in contempt? Yes! (found in ‘contEMPT? Yes’ = EMPTY),

16 Listed (ITEMISED) venue (site) is missing lead (s) (‘site’ without ‘s’ = ITE-) and penny pincher (miser) isn’t finished (r) (‘miser’ without ‘r’ = -MISE-) on top deck (top ‘Deck’ = -D)  (ITEMISED),

17 Sister in (sister in) dress (= anagram indicator) (sister in = SINISTER) that’s black (SINISTER),

19 Old English missing hols (‘old English’ missing ‘hols’ = dengli = DINGLE) in the kingdom (in the kingdom of Kerry = DINGLE),

21 Show off (FLAUNT) accommodation (flat = FLA-T) including tips for upscaling necessities (tips for ‘Upscaling Necessities’ = -UN-) (FLAUNT),

23 It’s not difficult (EASY) to find in overseas yacht (find in ‘oversEAS Yacht’ = EASY),

24 Put in good order (TIDY) for steadily diminishing ales (‘steadily’ diminishing ‘ales’ = tdiy = TIDY).