Crosaire No 17405 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

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1 How you might describe the profile (FACIAL describes the profile/face) when there’s no iron in California (no ‘iron’ in ‘California’ = calfia = FACIAL)

4 Outstanding (SPECIAL-) school (-S) (SPECIALS) publicised by those waiting for others (waiters) (SPECIALS),

9 Upsetting (= reveres indicator) quote (cite = -ETIC) from accountant (CA = AC-) (ACETIC) is particularly sour (ACETIC),

10 Ita (Ita = -ATI-) More (more) – is not finished (e) (‘more’ without ‘e’ = mor = -ROM-) in California ((CA = A-C) raising all (= reverse all indicator) (AROMATIC) the roses in the fragrant sense (AROMATIC),


12 Lynch (lynch/murder = EXECUT-E) carries one (-I-) sign (-V- sign) (EXECUTIVE) for one of the suits (EXECUTIVE),

13 The one producing the bile (LIVER) in Deliverance (in ‘deLIVERance’ = LIVER),

14 Boss (CHIEF) is on gravy (gravy/jus = JUS-) train initially (‘Train’ initially = -T-) getting water cooler (-ICE) (CHIEF JUSTICE) for one of those working over the bar (CHIEF JUSTICE),

18 Lady of letters’ (POSTMISTRESS) blog (POST-) taken on by the other woman (the other woman = -MISTRESS) (POSTMISTRESS),

21 Some of those in Barcelona irritated (some of those in ‘barcelONA IRritated’ = onair = ON AIR) by broadcasting (ON AIR),

22 Broker (NEGOTIATE) in (in) trouble (= anagram indicator) (in = N-I-) over, for example (e.g. = -EG-), good books (Old Testament = -OT-) such as 1984 (date), needing no introduction (d) (‘date’ without ‘d’ = -ATE) (NEGOTIATE),

24 Turns up (= reverse indicator) no (-ON) teacher (Sir = -RIS-) goes to fundraiser (rag = GAR-) (GARRISON) for a company defending an exposed town (GARRISON),

25 Psychiatrist dismisses physic (‘psychiatrist’ dismisses ‘physic’ = atrist = ARTIST) as one drawing on their imagination (ARTIST),

26 What actually happened (truth) heading off (t) (‘truth’ without ‘t’ = RUTH) on the foreign (the = -LE-) ship (-SS) (RUTHLESS) is brutal (RUTHLESS),

27 Virago (virago/witch = SHREW-) and dragon heading (‘Dragon’ heading = -D) (SHREWD) for sage (SHREWD).


1 Dance in Madrid (FLAMENCO) with love interest (FLAME-) from the army (-NCO) (FLAMENCO),

2 Pierre (Pierre = -REPERI-) working (= anagram indicator) in Clare (CE = C-E) (CREPERIE) in small French restaurant (CREPERIE),

3 Delta (-D-) that is (i.e. = -IE-) in Australia (AU = A-U) (ADIEU) and so long (so long = ADIEU),

5 Super (super) exchange (= anagram indicator) (super = PURSE) on The Wire’s (STRINGS) (PURSE STRINGS) financial restraints (PURSE STRINGS),

6 Pimlico (Pimlico) butcher (= anagram indicator) (Pimlico = -OMPLICI-) in court (Ct = C-T) (COMPLICIT) is involved with others in illegal activity (COMPLICIT),

7 Sporty type (ACTIVE) is up and running (ACTIVE),

8 Don’t leave unescorted (‘dont’ leave ‘unescorted’ = uescre = SECURE) from stable (SECURE),

11 At the same time (SIMULTANEOUS) and back in Kansas (back in ‘kansaS’ = S-), poor (= anagram indicator) Aunt Elm (Aunt Elm = --MULTANE-) is consumed by debts (IOUs = -I-OUS) (SIMULTANEOUS),

15 4 (four = F-OUR) ÷ 50 (50 = -L-) x 1,000 (1,000 = M-) x 1 (-I-) 50 (50 = -L-) 50? (-L) (FLOUR MILL) Anyone making serious dough will deal with this quicker than most! (FLOUR MILL),

16 Don’t reward (PENALISE) writer (PEN-) from academy (-A-) distributing (= anagram indicator) lies (lies = -LISE) (PENALISE),

17 Defended opinion of (ASSERTED) fool (ASS-) in hospital (-ER-) – the one loving Elvis (fan of Elvis = Teddy Boy = -TED) (ASSERTED),

19 Action group fails to get point (‘action group’ fails to get ‘point’ = acogru = COUGAR) produced by local woman associated with junior partner (COUGAR)

20 Writing (from the 3Rs = -R-) in great (great = GAR-ET) novel? (= anagram indicator) (GARRET) An Attic Room With A View, perhaps! (GARRET),

23 Firebrand (TORCH) from church (-CH) following (= position indicator) most (t) of the civil injustice (tort) (‘tort’ without ‘t’ = TOR-) (TORCH).