Crosaire No 17403 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 24th, 2020

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1 In a manner of speaking (RUSSIAN), everyone (-ALL-) is involved in risk (bet = B-ET), (RUSSIAN BALLET) producing Prokofiev’s Cinderella (RUSSIAN BALLET),

10 Red herring (ruse) with head removed (r) (‘ruse’ with ‘r’ removed = USE-) from Takeaway (-LESS) (USELESS) is no good (USELESS),

11 Dramatic scene (TABLEAU) of forces off the Beaufort Scale (‘forces’ off the ‘Beaufort Scale’ = bautale = TABLEAU),

12 Nothing special (SO-SO) in clip (n) of one of those from Trinity? (son) (one of those from Trinity of “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”  = ‘son’ without ‘n’ = SO -) Who cares! (-SO) (SO-SO),


13 Pointer (ARROW) to a (A-) royal (-R-) line (-ROW) (ARROW),

15 Young woman (LASS) raised (= reversal indicator) in Thessaloniki (in ‘ theSSALoniki’ = ssal = LASS).

17 Content of menu bar (content of ‘meNU Bar’ = nub) uploaded (= reverse indicator) (nub = BUN) in Chelsea, for example (Chelsea BUN),

19 Goes out for the night (ASLEEP) in this state after counting the sheep (ASLEEP),

21 A maths (a maths) problem (= anagram indicator) (a maths = ASTHMA) that’s likely to take your breath away (ASTHMA),

22 Last of the flour (last of the ‘flouR’ = -R-) in baked (= anagram indicator) scones (scones = CENSO-S) (CENSORS) produced by those who normally cut out the naughty stuff (CENSORS),

23 Chairperson ignores cries (‘chairperson’ ignores ‘cries’ = hapron = ORPHAN) from Oliver (ORPHAN),

25 Prickly sort (CACTUS) of college (C-) plays a part (acts = -ACT-S) over uncertainty from the start (‘Uncertainty’ from the start = -U-) (CACTUS),

27 Parent (female animal parent = DAM) serving up (= reverse indicator) bananas (mad = DAM),

29 Locked up in Guggenheim – a museum (locked up in “guggenheIM A Museum” = IMAM) preaching to the faithful (IMAM),

30 Taliban dismiss it (‘taliban’ dismiss ‘it’ = alban = BANAL) as run-of-the-mill (BANAL),

31 Palm weevil from the borders (‘PAlm weevIL’ from the borders = PAIL) picked up by Jack and Jill going up the hill (Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water = PAIL),

34 Turns up (= reverse indicator), two lines (-LL) at Abbey (Abbey) empty (b) (‘abBey’ = without ‘b’ = abey = -YEBA-) at back of theatre (at the back of ‘theatrE’ = E-) (EYEBALL) and in sight of the viewer (EYEBALL),

35 Worked out the sketch (PLANNED) for Dreyfus from Penny Dreadfuls (‘dreyfus’ from ‘penny dreadfuls’  = pnneadl = PLANNED),

36 Country (RUSSIA-) and Western foundation (‘westerN foundation = -N) associated with The Kingdom (EMPIRE) (RUSSIAN EMPIRE) was run by those great people from The Palace (RUSSIAN EMPIRE was run by Catherine the Great and Peter the Great).


2 Tool (UTENSIL) for moving (= anagram indicator) sun tile (sun tile = UTENSIL),

3 Fat (SUET) deposit (deposit/put down = S-ET) around top of ulna  (top of ‘Ulna’ = -U-) (SUET),

4 Dean leaves broad beans (‘Dean’ leaves ‘broad beans’ = broabs = ABSORB) to soak (ABSORB),

5 Ram (BUTT-) and duck (-O-) – the last born (last ‘borN’ = -N) (BUTTON) in Stud? (stud/fastener = BUTTON),

6 Heartless (m) sheepish types (lambs) (‘laMbs without ‘m’ = LABS) employing scientists (LABS),

7 Take a look at (EYE-) liberal (-L-) health and safety authority (Health and Safety Authority = HSA) review (= reversal indicator) (HSA = -ASH) (EYELASH) by coquettish flutterer (EYELASH),

8 Oleasters (RUSSIAN OLIVES) produced by more than one mate of Popeye (more than one ‘Olive’ = Olives) in Moscow presumably? (RUSSIAN OLIVES),

9 Tolstoy (RUSSIAN) is down in the dumps (sad = SA-D-) consuming the French (-LA-), primarily saucy (primarily ‘Saucy’ = -S) (RUSSIAN SALADS), dishes served with diced vegetables (RUSSIAN SALADS),

14 Type of European (RUSSIAN) on the margins today (RUSSIAN on all sides of today’s grid),

16 Some upsetting (= reverse indicator) menace profiting (some ‘meNACE Profiting’ = nacep = PECAN) from type of nut (PECAN),

18 Study (ESSAY) produced by cur from Syracuse (‘cur’ from ‘Syracuse’ = syase = ESSAY),

20 Bit of compensation (bit of ‘comPENsation’ = PEN) for one of those who had a hand in 18 down (PEN had a hand in ‘essay’),

21 Part of the circle (ARC) raised (= reversal indicator) in theocracy (in ‘theoCRAcy’ = cra = ARC),

24 The foreign (the = -LA-) drink (-TEA-) poured into plutonium (Pu = P-U) (PLATEAU) produced upland (PLATEAU),

26 Found in a stable environment (horse TRAINER found in a stable environment) or unstable (= anagram indicator) terrain? (terrain = TRAINER),

27 Upsets (= reverse indicator) first class (AI = -IA) young man (lad = DA-L-) in possession of hot (-H-) (DAHLIA) flower from Mexico (DAHLIA),

28 Massachusetts (MA-) doctor (-GP-) that is (i.e. = -IE) (MAGPIE) a chatterbox (chatterbox = MAGPIE),

32 Pile (MASS) of characters stuffed into melodrama’s storylines (characters in ‘melodraMAS Storylines’ = MASS),

33 Northern paper, for example (Northern Paper WASP), has a sting in its tail? (WASP).