O’Brien takes actions against RTÉ, Sunday Business Post

Businessman receives court permission to seek an injunction preventing the broadcast of an RTÉ News report


An RTÉ News report concerning the banking relationship between Denis O’Brien and Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), which has prompted a High Court injunction application by the businessmanwill not be broadcast on Friday as originally planned.

Mr O’Brien received permission on Thursday from Mr Justice Paul Gilligan to serve notice on RTÉ of his intention to seek an injunction preventing the broadcast.

RTÉ was not present at the proceedings, which were taken on an ex-parte basis by Mr O’Brien, but will be represented when the matter comes before the court again on Friday.

A barrister for Mr O’Brien said the businessman was informed by RTÉ it was due for broadcast on Friday.


A source close to the broadcaster, however, indicated that the story had already been rescheduled for broadcast until early next week for reasons unrelated to the court action.

Michael Cush, acting for Mr O’Brien, gave the court a letter from RTÉ that asked him various questions in advance of its planned broadcast.

Mr Cush also handed the judge a second letter written by Mr O’Brien that referred to his debts to IBRC. Mr O’Brien’s barrister told the court it is “private information”.

A source close to RTÉ said the broadcaster’s management was “surprised” he had gone to court.

Separately, Mr O’Brien has also initiated proceedings against the Sunday Business Post. It is believed the case is over material the newspaper published in a series called the “PWC Files”.

Paul Cooke, a director of Post Publications, declined to comment.