In their own words: Jennifer Hourihane of Oathello

AIB Start-up Academy finalist, and founder of Oathello, Jennifer Hourihane talks about her lightbulb moment, Oathello's target audience and how her app solves a problem

Jennifer Hourihane of Oathello tells the story of her startup: 

“As a solicitor, I often needed to book an appointment with a third-party solicitor or notary to verify documents when closing deals. This needed to be done to a deadline, at short notice, and out of office hours. The booking process was outdated, time consuming, and unreliable. I had to search through my own industry contacts, legal directories and Google, make multiple phone calls and emails to secure a booking, arrange for payment in cheque or petty cash, and had the hassle of either travelling to the solicitor or notary with my client and documents or a long wait for them to come to me. This is an everyday problem for solicitors that drives costs, wastes time and leads to significant delays. 

“Oathello is a mobile platform which we have built that connects nearby and available solicitors and notaries in an instant, to get these documents sworn and notarised on demand. We have built an instant payments platform for swearing and notary fees, so law firms and the wider community can find, book and pay for these services in an instant and pay a small transaction fee, just like Hailo.”

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