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One of the most storied names in the annals of world motor sport, and a company with a strong Irish connection, is up for sale at £7 million. Follow(...)

Audi e-Tron Sportback 55 quattro: a seriously impressive and stylish SUV

The idea of chopping the roofline of a car is nothing new. It dates back to the earliest days of the hot-rod scene in the United States where back-yar(...)

Lower your buying budget from  €33,000 to just €10,000 and you can still get yourself a snazzy set of wheels. Photograph: iStock

Having laid out our top 50 new cars to buy in 2021, it did occur to us that there are many - ourselves included - who realistically couldn’t afford mo(...)

EVs trigger emissions from both the generation of electricity to charge their batteries, and in their manufacture. The question is - how much? Photograph: PA

While we all watch, warily, the countdown to 2030 and the incoming ban on sales of new internal combustion engines (ICE) cars, there is a significant (...)

The new Skoda all-electric SUV, the Enyaq iV

The whole concept of “looking forward to things” has taken a bit of a turn this year. Locked up in our houses and our homes, we’ve had little else to (...)

The Mercedes GLA’s 200D diesel engine feels a little old fashioned in this hybrid-electric world but it’s hugely economical in daily use.

You do wonder at which point a comfortable middle ground becomes the space between a rock and a hard place. I fear that it’s into such a niche that th(...)

Striking: the Peugeot e-2008 wins big in terms of styling

It’s beginning to feel very normal. For a long time, test-driving electric cars still felt a bit weird, what with the lack of combustion commotion, th(...)

The ESB is set to introduce pricing for its ultra-rapid 150kW electric car chargers, starting from December 1st

The ESB is set to introduce pricing for its ultra-rapid 150kW electric car chargers, starting from December 1st. That price, on an introductory offer(...)

The Mayflower Autonomous Vessel berthed in Plymouth, England

Some 400 years ago a ship called the Mayflower – commanded by one Christopher Jones and with 102 passengers and 20 crew aboard – made the hazardous cr(...)

Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated into the grille - which BMW now calls an ‘intelligence panel’

Having been called the iNext since its – somewhat controversial – concept version was first shown in 2018. That concept was one of the first BMW’s to (...)

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