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Multiplayer games have  proven a hit with players who want to connect with their friends

What did you do during the pandemic lockdown? It’s a tricky subject. While your Instagram feed may have been full of people enjoying their daily works(...)

Sony’s company headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Photograph:  FRanck Robichon/EPA

Sony warned operating profit could fall 30 per cent or more in the current fiscal year as the coronavirus hampers production of devices like smartphon(...)

Sony’s WF-XB700 wireless earbuds

Sony WF-XB700 Wireless earbuds €160 Wireless earbuds are becoming an increasingly common sight. Sony already has a couple of models in this market; th(...)

 “If you’re wearing earphones the size of deer antlers, presumably all you can hear is the theme from Chariots of Fire, or Rocky, or whatever else is on that personally curated motivational soundtrack of the movie starring you.” Photograph: Getty Images

On the scale of ugly head accessories, oversized earphones must be somewhere just below undersized baseball caps. Even so, they seem to be ever more p(...)

‘Oh, get a room, you two!’ Another sexy scene from Grey’s Anatomy

In more normal weeks, I like to spend my time hanging out in A&E departments because I enjoy watching the will-they-won’t-they dramas, sexual tens(...)

A Cork nursing home has become the first in the country to pilot an innovative piece of remote temperature checking software. Photograph: Getty

A Cork nursing home has become the first in the country to pilot an innovative piece of remote temperature checking software that can detect early Cov(...)

Sony’s WH-1000XM3 has topped the TechRadar list of best noise-cancelling headphones.

So, how’s that working from home thing working out for ya? Not as easy as you thought, I’ll bet. You reckoned it would be a doddle – just find a quiet(...)

Netflix, Disney+ and other video-streaming services may be one way to relieve the boredom.

The past three weeks have seen a sudden increase in the number of people working from home, as employers rush to mitigate the impact of the coronaviru(...)

Army of Shadows: Jean-Pierre Melville’s magnificent French Resistance classic is available on Mubi.

Almost exactly a decade ago, Netflix launched a service that offered one simple answer to one simple question. How do you get people to pay for video (...)

Tiffany Ruiz working out with Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure game at home in Bakersfield, California. Photograph: Rozette Rago/The New York Times

Tiffany Ruiz had tried various gyms, apps, workout routines and diets, all in an effort to get fit and lose some weight. “None of them worked because (...)

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