The net wealth of the median household has jumped by almost three quarters in five years. Photograph: iStock

Irish households are better positioned to withstand a Covid-induced recession than they were at the time of the last financial crash, according to a n(...)

Foreign nationals currently fill around 10 per cent of new jobs created in the Irish economy

Net inward migration will be the most important source of new employees if the economy continues to grow at the rates seen over the past number of yea(...)

Following the crash in the property market, employment in the industry fell to 83,400 in 2012, from a high of 236,800 recorded in 2007. That represented a 65 per cent drop.

The construction industry may need to recruit from abroad to keep up with demand, an analysis by Central Bank has found. In the analysis, titled Whe(...)

The research indicates that firms carrying property debt are significantly more likely to default

Small and medium-sized firms are shouldering just over €26 billion in debt, according to research by the Central Bank. The bank, however, was u(...)

Irish SMEs that borrowed money to invest in property are almost twice as likely to default as similar-sized businesses without property debt, accordin(...)