Sweeney Todd

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The Borat actor on his new film, why he's reluctant to be a celebrity and his long-standing distaste for Trump Borat uses the flower bed in fron(...)

 US actor Johnny Depp arriving  at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Tuessday. He is sueing  The Sun’s newspaper publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN). Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Wedged uncomfortably into a narrow witness box beneath a row of multi-coloured box files crammed with contradictory statements, Johnny Depp did not oc(...)

Pitch for disaster-themed TV show: When Actors Makes Directorial Debuts. Too often, the thespians concerned get out the Klaxons for My Big Issue- D(...)

“We’re about to ramp up the installation of water meters on the northside, specifically the working-class areas, which you drive through every day,” said Tabitha.   Photograph: Alan Betson

For the seven o’clock rendezvous with Tabitha Tregoning in Stoker’s wine bar in Fairview on Monday, Vinny Fitzpatrick was early, which was not unusual(...)