Out of the loop: when part of our road was widened without our knowledge, the works filled in drainage pipes from our garden. Photograph: Moment/Getty

My neighbour has a business down the road. He is looking to have part of the road widened, and we understand he is talking to the local authority. As (...)

You cannot use and or rely upon a Registry Map to exert the exact position of a boundary save for very limited circumstances

My partner and I have our eye on a terraced house to buy, but there is an issue with the boundary wall to the rear of the property. It encroaches at l(...)

Acacia dealbata: It is difficult to trace and record tree roots. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

My neighbour will not allow me to erect a block wall between our properties. The wall is standard between many of the houses in our estate so it is i(...)