Sali Hughes

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 Sali Hughes, co-founder of Beauty Banks, a charity that is tackling hygiene poverty in Britain. Photograph: Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Estée Lauder’s London HQ is widely known as one of the plushest offices in the city. Impossibly glamorous women breeze in and out of the building ever(...)

Brandon Truaxe: offered high-quality alternatives to luxury skincare

The beauty industry was shocked this week by news of the death of Brandon Truaxe, founder and former chief executive of Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Co(...)

Pioneering celebrity hair stylist Luke Hersheson.

The introduction by Sali Hughes to Great Hair Days & How to Have Them, the new book by pioneering celebrity hair stylist Luke Hersheson, is the ha(...)

If you don’t even know what Zovirax is  then relish your good fortune and carry on with your hashtag blessed life

If, like me, you can remember where you were the day the news broke that Zovirax was becoming available over-the-counter, then you are my people and t(...)

Caitlin Moran: “The one thing you can do as a working-class girl is write. You don’t need anyone on your side. You don’t need anything.”

It’s 4 o’clock and spitting rain in Crouch End in London. Caitlin Moran’s eyebrows raise themselves over her computer monitor through the window of he(...)

A woman lays flowers outside the Oxfordshire home of singer George Michael, who was found dead at home on Christmas Day. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty

A couple who spent years clueless about who gave them £15,000 (€17,600) to fund their fertility treatment have thanked George Michael after it was cla(...)

Laura Kennedy with her late mother Emma. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Next week will mark the first anniversary of my mother’s death. Before she died last year of pancreatic cancer at just 58 years old, I felt only a de(...)

Sali Hughes, whose new book Pretty Iconic explores our relationship with everyday beauty products

It is an unseasonably warm day in Brighton, and I’m feeling nervous as I stare out the window of a snug restaurant at the vast, glossy sea. Brighton (...)

Guardian columnist Sali Hughes has spoken about the criticism she receives online for writing about beauty and cosmetics, and how her new book ‘Pretty(...)