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Imagine a journey that begins at station Simone Veil and where you reach your destination at station Hannah Arendt. Along the way you pass station Mar(...)

Laura Veirs: ‘I was making myself feel like I was crazy, but I wasn’t.’

In 2018, as her marriage fell apart, singer-songwriter Laura Veirs cried and biked all over Portland. “I called myself the crying cyclist,” she says. (...)

Illustration: Kotryna Zukauskaite/The New York Times

“Would you please please please please please please please stop talking.” – The girl, from Hills Like White Elephants (1927), by Ernest Hemingway I(...)

Joan Didion: understands that, often, the only way to tell the truth is to be frank about the ways in which you are ill-equipped to do so.   Photograph: Neville Elder/Corbis Sygma

Eight or 10 years ago, I started to hear interesting reports from people I know who teach writing. Students, these writers told me, were expressing an(...)

Carl Cederström photographed by Eva Dahlin/OR Books

“He covered my mouth with his hand and introduced his penis. I thought my last hour had arrived. I had the feeling my stomach was turning.” These are(...)

My wife was talking to a mate in the corridor at work a week or so ago. “Our boy loves Blue Planet, it’s so funny. You know, even the scary bits? He (...)

What’s the point of an essay? Photograph: Thinkstock

If you judged humanity’s literary output by clicks and outrage, you’d think the art of essayism is dead. Contemporary taste is for unadorned informati(...)

Daniel Pinchbeck isn’t bothered by ridicule, and was forced into considering big questions at a young age

Daniel Pinchbeck has the pleasingly dishevelled bohemian air of a sociology professor that you might expect. Some writers don’t fit the imagined perso(...)

It may annoy some, but Elbow’s anthemic, morose-bloke style continues with the Englanders’ seventh album, and the first without original cofounder/dr(...)

In a spin: there can be pressure to exercise too hard. Photograph:  iStockphoto

Many lives are led at speeds faster than drinkers’ digits tweeting snaps of their schnapps. Unable to function at anything less than an eyeballs-out p(...)

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