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Product design is one of the courses on offer at TU Dublin’s school of creative arts. Photograph: iStock

There’s still time to change your mind. While some courses – including architecture, art and various performing arts courses – require an interview an(...)

Today’s students can go to university, to a technological university (or an institute of technology) or to a smaller public or fee-paying college. Photograph: iStock

For any parents reading this article, their choices after school were relatively limited: it was generally either college or, as a fallback, going on (...)

The resurgence of arts courses is also due to expanded offerings in the various third-level colleges. Photograph: iStock

Arts and humanities courses were once the most popular in the country. Then, over a decade ago, something happened to change that: a financial crisis (...)

A veterinary degree opens up a range of career options beyond working in a vet’s practice. Photograph: iStock

Veterinary medicine students learn about animal welfare; how to recognise, prevent and control animal diseases; the welfare and productivity of livest(...)

There are plenty of factors to consider if you are thinking of changing your CAO choice. Photograph: iStock

Crunch time is coming. In the next few weeks, students will finalise their Central Applications Office application and decide which further or higher(...)

Graduates are far more likely to work on corporate mergers than on high-profile criminal trials. Photograph: iStock

Let’s get some of the common misconceptions out of the way first. A law degree is not a guaranteed route to riches: many barristers, particularly i(...)

MTU Bishopstown campus courtyard, tourism and administration buildings

The people of Kerry might say it’s been a long time coming: the Kingdom has its own university. At the same time, Cork now has a second university. I(...)

Minister for Education Norma Foley addressing delegates at the TUI conference in Wexford on Wednesday.

Teachers will resist proposed reforms to the Leaving Certification unless they receive assurances that they will not be required to assess their own s(...)

Teachers’ pay will dominate proceedings, with motions calling for equal pay for all teachers. Photograph: iStock

Covid-19 has transformed education in Ireland. Things that were once deemed too expensive or impractical became possible overnight: class sizes fell t(...)

‘A postgraduate course definitely adds value.’ Photograph: Getty

There are many reasons to take on a postgraduate course, but boosting your career is probably the biggest. Michael Kelly, a graduate of WIT, worked a(...)

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