A group of Egyptian lawmakers raise their hands to vote during a parliament session to discuss and vote on proposed constitutional amendments in Cairo on Thursday. Photograph: Khaled Mashaal/EPA

The Egyptian parliament approved sweeping measures on Thursday that would allow President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi to extend his leadership until 2034, fu(...)

Supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood stormed and torched a government building in Cairo today, while families tried to identify hundreds of mut(...)

A supporter of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, wearing a Morsi poster around his head, stands with other protesters during an anti-army rally that started from their sit-in area around Raba’ al-Adawya mosque, in Nasr City area, east of Cairo today. Photograph: Reuters.

Egypt’s rulers allowed EU envoy Catherine Ashton to meet deposed president Mohamed Morsi today. It was the first time an outsider was given access to(...)

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is pictured  in Cairo where she has been pressing Egypt’s rulers  to step back from a growing confrontation with the Muslim Brotherhood of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters.

Europe’s top diplomat shuttled between new Egypt’s rulers and the Muslim Brotherhood today in a mission to pull the country back from more bloodshed, (...)

Mohamed ElBaradei: his appointment as prime minister was suspended at the insistence of the ultraconservative Salafi Nour party. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Egypt’s opposition exposed weakening divisions within its ranks when the appointment of Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, the revolutionaries’ candida(...)

Mohamed ElBaradei: has criticised successive rulers of Egypt, from Hosni Mubarak and the generals who replaced him to the now ousted Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

He has no army pedigree, lived in the West for decades and has criticised successive rulers of Egypt, from Hosni Mubarak and the generals who repla(...)

Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi hold copies of the Koran during a protest around the Raba El-Adwyia mosque square in Nasr City, in the suburb of Cairo. Photograph: Suhaib Salem/Reuters

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooded into the streets on the first anniversary of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi’s inauguration to demand that(...)

Supporters of Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi shout slogans during a protest around the Raba El-Adwyia mosque square in the suburb of Nasr City, Cairo,today. Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

Egypt’s leading religious authority warned of “civil war” today and called for calm as political factions clashed ahead of major rallies the oppositio(...)

Bassem Youssef: poked fun at Mr Morsi’s repeated use of the word “love” by singing a love song to a red pillow with the president’s face printed on it. Photograph: Reuters

Egyptian prosecutors questioned Egypt’s most prominent television satirist yesterday over allegations he insulted the president and Islam, a ca(...)