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In styling terms, the new ID.3 makes the evolution to electric without abandoning the traits of traditional hatchback formats

There is a lot riding on the rubber of the new Volkswagen ID.3. This car is meant to follow in the tyre tracks of the original VW Beetle and more rece(...)

The paper notes that ‘fast car fleet renewal . . . can significantly add to overall emissions due to the relatively high emissions embedded in the manufacturing and end-of-life cycle of a car’. File photograph: Getty

Increasing the price of diesel at the pumps and overhauls to the motor-tax regime are among the recommendations of the Tax Strategy Group’s pre-budget(...)

The V60 Cross Country starts at €54,550 for the diesel version.

Here in The Irish Times Motors garage we often wile away the hours between oil changes, discussing the finer points of the SUV/crossover v estate deba(...)

Colm Brady, managing director of Europcar Ireland. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Do you really need to own a car? It’s a question raised by many motorists during the Covid-19 crisis as they watch an expensive asset sitting idle on (...)

The Peugeot e-208 provides a range of 370km from its 50kWh battery pack which is enough for the vast majority of Irish drivers to complete multiple daily commutes

My two previous encounters with the all-electric new Peugeot 208 left me flat. The first was last autumn during a week-long test event for European ca(...)

The new Seat Leon delivers a pretty stellar all-round package of great looks, smart cabin, good tech and  usable performance

Seat has delivered a big surprise: the Spanish marque now boasts a car that’s better than the VW Golf upon which it is based. The Catalan-based car b(...)

Access to public charging stations remains the biggest practical hurdle to electric car ownership, particularly outside the major cities and towns. Photograph: Getty

“We are setting a target of 10 per cent of all vehicles in the transport fleet to be powered by electricity by 2020, a figure of approximately 250,000(...)

BMW’s fully-electric crossover, the iX3, is promising an official range of 460km on a single charge of its 80kWh battery pack

BMW’s fully electric crossover, the iX3, is promising an official range of 460km on a single charge of its 80kWh battery pack. And that’s just the sta(...)

Opel’s Grandland X Hybrid4 weighs in at more than 1,800kgs.

Opel’s recent adoption by the French – you could say rescue – is gradually starting to bear fruit. The rapid turnaround of the new Corsa is a case in (...)

Dealers say there has been a noticeable pick up in used car sales  since showrooms reopened on May 18th. Photograph: iStock

New car sales fell 14.05 per cent in July, the first month of the new 202 registrations. It means sales are down just under 30 per cent for the year t(...)

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