Ava bracelets: the ovulation tracking bracelet created by Lea von Bidder

After being a neglected market for some time, technology aimed at women – and in particular their health – looks set to become big business. Market a(...)

Niamh Boden, owner of the Dunville Pharmacy in Ranelagh, Dublin: “When I started to take an interest in plant medicine I realised that a lot of the phytochemicals present in plants can have a similar reaction in the body to chemical medicines but are much gentler.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

While many western-trained doctors and pharmacists continue to reject all alternative medical treatments, others are embracing a complementary approac(...)

Mary Jennings: Give yourself the best chance of having a comfortable pregnancy by starting out at a healthy weight. Photograph: Eric Luke

As potential first-time mothers, we diligently take our folic acid for months prior to becoming pregnant. We download fertility apps and read books a(...)

IUI involves the injection of a prepared sperm from the male partner into the woman’s womb around the time of ovulation.

In approximately one fifth of infertility cases the cause is unknown, in another fifth it is due to female problems, a further fifth of cases are cau(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

Recently I attended a “summit meeting” in Washington to discuss means of improving access to fertility treatment globally for those who need it. Dele(...)

A disciplinary inquiry into a Galway fertility doctor who clipped both of a woman’s fallopian tubes when he had consent to clip one has re-opened before the fitness to practise committee of the Medical Council.

The rules governing informed consent given by patients need to be clarified to provide more guidance for doctors, a Medical Council disciplinary heari(...)

Cormac and Nefissa Flood with their baby Rehan (14 weeks) at their home in Blackrock, Co Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Few people are about on Dublin’s Merrion Square early on a Saturday morning but I have a bet with myself that I know where the couple hand-in-h(...)