Garda protect then tánaiste Joan Burton from anti-water charge demonstrators in 2014. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

The policing operation around an anti-water charges protest in Jobstown, Dublin, in 2014 lacked “strategic direction” and risk assessments were not ca(...)

Migrant lives: Viliya Ruzveltiene, Ausra Jasikeviciene, Laura Vaitkaityte, Egle Pastarnokiene, Sofiya Visnevskiene, Roberta Ceginskaite and Gaivile Brickute, all Lithunians living  in Monaghan. Photograph: David Sleator

What surprised Ernest about the monkey chants during his daily commute to Maynooth was their persistence. As an African man in Ireland he says he is u(...)

A picture of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky is seen on his grave in the Preobrazhensky cemetery in Moscow

An Oireachtas committee has backed down from sanctioning Russian officials involved in the death of a lawyer there. A motion to list officials (...)

Homeland security: since 9/11, the US has used data in the fight against terrorism.  Photograph: Marty Lederhandler/AP

Since the September 11th attacks on the US, data has been used as a tool in the fight against terrorism. Tracking terrorists worldwide h(...)

Elena Martin would not be living near the Alaskan border, far away from family and friends, and experiencing minus 40 degrees, unless she had t(...)

The Government must address the problem of children of non-EU residents paying up to €8,000 in college fees, campaigners have (...)