Owner Dannielle Downes at the Foxy Chopper hair salon in Waterford city: “The world is slightly different. It’s a new era.” Photograph: Patrick Browne

Dannielle Downes has thought of almost everything ahead of the reopening of Foxy Chopper hair salon on Gladstone Street in Waterford. A dedicated hand(...)

It’s time parents heard a bit more about what that appropriate education will look like in September. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

There’s just one question for parents arising out of the latest round of back-to-school pontificating from the Department of Education and Skills, the(...)

When it emptied our cities, Covid-19 gave us a chance to push reset. It allowed people to really see the space, rather than the people and cars cro(...)

Earlier this week in Dublin two Luke Kelly sculptures were doused in white paint. Photograph: Alan Betson

What do Luke Kelly and Edward Colston have in common? Kelly was a working class Dubliner, legendary singer, communist, folk hero. Colston was a mercha(...)

The mostly unchallenged rush to reopen pubs is a grim reflection on our priorities. Covid-19 is far from in abeyance globally. Photograph: Eric Luke

Tony Holohan declaring that eating a packet of peanuts with your pint does not make it a meal was the moment we hit peak 2020; the most surreal interl(...)

Alan O’Connor watches over his son, Glyn, in the Mater’s ICU. Photograph: Chris Maddaloni

The Irish Times spends a day in Dublin’s Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, where patients and staff are working their way through the pandem(...)

JK Rowling wrote a blog post explaining why she found the phrase ‘people who menstruate’ to be ‘hostile and alienating’

JK Rowling had been tweeting warm, gushing messages to children who submitted drawings for her new book –“Eight? How can this have been done by an eig(...)

Covid-19: the six-year-old’s picture of her cat attacking the disease, a black streak with sharp claws pouncing on a green spiky ball against a bright-blue sky

The Covid-19 radio ad was playing in the background when the six-year-old gave a deep sigh. “Coronavirus doesn’t just kill people,” she said. “It make(...)

President Donald   Trump’s  photo opportunity in front of the boarded up windows of St John’s Church in Washington DC was another of his big lies. Photograph:  Shawn Thew/EPA

About a month from now, Donald Trump will pass an astonishing new milestone. It’s going to take some restraint from him not to boast about it on Twitt(...)

Domhnall Herdman, Clinton Liberty, Megan McDonnell, Ross Gaynor and Kwaku Fortune, who all studied at the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art in Trinity College, Dublin, and appeared in TV series Normal People. photograph: Dara Macdónaill/The Irish Times

Just what is it about Normal People that resonated with so many people? Is it the so-wrong-they’re-right love affair between Marianne and Connell, who(...)

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