Ilham Jewher

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 Swedish clothing giant H&M was one of a number of western brands that last year expressed concern about the use of forced labour in Chinese cotton production. Photograph: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images

For Jewher Ilham, consumers in the West refusing to buy products linked to the use of forced labour in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, is one of ide(...)

Jewher Ilham: ‘I personally hope my father and every innocent person locked up in a prison in China . . . I hope they can be released. That’s my wish and that’s what I’m working towards’

The last time Jewher Ilham’s family saw her father, he had lost 40 pounds and his hair had turned grey. “He used to be a pretty chubby man and now he(...)

Tiananmen, Gate of Heavenly Peace, Beijing.

Irish universities have been forging closer links with China over recent years as they try to boost their private income against a backdrop of declini(...)