Fred Phelps

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Virgin sacrifices. Occult rituals. Drinking blood from skull-shaped chalices. If these practices pique your interest then the Satanic Temple is proba(...)

The late Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, which attacks the US government as immoral for tolerating homosexuality. Photograph: Steve Hebert/New York Times

Newton’s third law – that every action has an equal and opposite reaction – can be easily proved in debates on many social issues being fought betw(...)

Mattress Mick, who was hailed by a desperate Tubridy as “the stuff of legend”. Photograph: Dave Meehan

The sunshine may be giving the country a much-needed fillip, but not everyone welcomes the summer. Ryan Tubridy (2FM, weekdays), for one, bemoans the (...)

Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, with picket signs at the church in Topeka, Kansas, September 8th, 2010. Photograph: Steve Hebert/The New York Times.

Fred Phelps, the virulently anti-gay preacher who drew wide, scornful attention for staging demonstrations at military funerals as a way to pro(...)