Lily Gladstone and Leonardo di Caprio in Killers of the Flower Moon

Once again we stick our fingers into chicken innards and predict what the 10 best picture nominees will be at the 2023 Oscars. We did well last year. (...)

Jessie Buckley is nominated for her role in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter

Look closely at the CVs of those competing for best supporting actress at the upcoming Oscars and you’ll uncover convincing evidence that we really ar(...)

Denzel Washington could hardly be classier casting for the vaulting Macbeth.

Of all Shakespeare’s tragedies, the Scottish Play is the one that rattles along at the greatest pace. Get in a few excellent actors, light the thing w(...)

Ruth Negga: ‘I feel very lucky that this was my dream – to work as an actor.’ Photograph: Andres Poveda

‘I feel very lucky that this was my dream – to work as an actor’: Ruth Negga chats to Irish Times film correspondent Donald Clarke about her f(...)

‘It requires something like genius – on Anderson’s part and those of his collaborators – to get such a complex machine whirring so smoothly.’ Photograph: Searchlight Pictures/Twentieth Century Fox

As the boos and the cheers faded after the Cannes premiere of Wes Anderson’s latest, critics began squabbling among themselves about a near-theologica(...)

Pop a cherry on top of the Ice Cream Sundae and dig in!

It’s a sizzling hot July day in the Heartland of America. I am 10 and tanned, wearing ponytails and a pair of cut-off Levi 501’s. The sum of my small (...)

Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe in A Quiet Place Part II.

You could argue that this the first best-of list we have published that really reflects the altered realities of a postpandemic universe. The half-yea(...)

Oscars 2021: Frances McDormand howls in tribute to Nomadland’s sound mixer, Michael Wolf Snyder. Photograph: Ampas/ABC via Getty

What is the greatest film ever with an unsatisfactory ending? Orson Welles’s The Magnificent Ambersons feels like the most appropriate analogy for the(...)

A plug for cinemas: Frances McDormand accepts the best picture award for Nomadland as director Chloé Zhao looks on at the Oscars. Video image: ABC via AP

There was a moment deep into Sunday night’s strange Day-Glo railway-station Oscars when Frances McDormand implored people to watch Nomadland, the best(...)

Nomadland: Frances McDormand in her Oscar-winning role. Photograph: Searchlight Pictures

It was a February day so overcast that noon looked like dusk, and Frances McDormand felt a little rattled. She told me this as we ambled down the main(...)

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