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Photographs: John Carlos

In August 1971 thousands fled To refugee camps south of the Border to escape the troubles. Here, some remember that summer In August 1971, west (...)

Eileen Murphy, resident of The Iveagh Trust and Michael McCarthy resident of Willie Bermingham Place at the launch of Dublin City Council and Alone’s Cold Weather Campaign, urging members of the public to check in on older people in the community during the winter months. Photograph: / The Irish Times

The pandemic brought out “the best” in services to support older people in their homes and this momentum cannot be lost, chief executive of the Alone (...)

Mike Murphy after meeting Jennifer O’Connell in Ballsbridge. It’s a headshot for a reason. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The broadcasting legend on his new foray into podcasting, parenting regrets, his late friend Gay Byrne and getting bored quickly I’m always asto(...)

Historian William Casey shows the site of a 1920 unofficial graveyard (cillín) a few miles from the village of Ballydehob in west Cork. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Across the water the odd light twinkles on Heir Island. It’s an idyllic evening and the retiring sun shoots a last glance at Jeremy Iron’s castle dres(...)

Tree climbing in Rock Farm Slane

I remember the time when city breaks became a thing. When budget airlines went ballistic. You left work on a Friday, dashed to the airport and took a (...)

A spokeswoman for the ‘New York Times’ said it had seen no evidence that its internal systems, including its systems in its Moscow bureau, had been breached.

The Moscow bureau of the New York Times was the target of an attempted cyber attack this month. But so far there is no evidence that the hackers, beli(...)

Reconstruction of an early woman farmer by Elizabeth Black. Photograph: Barrie Hartwell

Evidence of massive migration to Ireland thousands of years ago has emerged from the sequencing of the first genomes from ancient Irish humans, carrie(...)

Eileen Murphy, a spokeswoman for New York Times Co, said the publisher is looking into the website outage.

The New York Times website was back online this evening shortly after 6pm Irish time after it went down earlier suffering what the company called “te(...)