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Natalia Vigak, the deputy head of the election commission, arrives for early voting at the Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant in the Elizovsky district of Russian. Photograph: Alexander Petrov/AP Photo

Kiev has condemned Russia’s plan to allow hundreds of thousands of people living in militia-run parts of eastern Ukraine to vote in Sunday’s Russian p(...)

The HMS Defender, which Moscow said sailed 3km inside Russian territorial waters on Wednesday. File photograph: Ben Mitchell/PA Wire

Britain has denied that Russia’s military fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a UK destroyer to force it to leave Russian waters in t(...)

 EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell. Photograph: François Walschaerts/Pool/EPA

The European Union has warned that 150,000 Russian troops have massed at the borders of Ukraine and that it would hold Moscow responsible for the fate(...)

A clinic where patients were administered Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in Moscow, December 7th. Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times

Kiev is seeking help from western allies to secure access to coronavirus vaccines, as pro-Moscow politicians in Ukraine press it to buy supplies from (...)