Clare Leonard

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The list includes two retired judges, lawyers who have worked on state investigations into child abuse, a retired financial regulator from Jersey and a banker formerly based in Hong Kong. From left: Justice Daniel O’Keeffe, Martin Moloney, Ita Mangan and Judge Clare Leonard. Photograph: The Irish Times

The Central Bank of Ireland has named the 13 members of a high powered inquiry panel to investigate allegedly rogue banks and bankers. The list includ(...)

The Government has nominated two solicitors for appointment by the President to the district court. Grainne O’Neill (42), the Athlone b(...)

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett leaving court yesterday.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett was spared a conviction yesterday despite admitting a speeding offence. He appeared at Dubli(...)

Noel O’Gara

A judge today turned down the offer of a book on the Yorkshire Ripper killings from its author Noel O’Gara, whom she had just fined. Mr O(...)