Betty Draper

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Marisa Meltzer: ‘Am I a fool for still, after all these yo-yo years, wanting to lose and keep off weight?’

Jean Nidetch was in the supermarket one day in September 1961 when she ran into an old friend. “Oh, Jean, you look so wonderful!” the friend said, bef(...)

The builders are teed up to start work the second we get the keys. Photograph: Getty Images

We swore we’d never renovate again, but to get the location and space we wanted, we’ve had to go for a fixer-upper. We’re knocking walls, re-routing p(...)

The Kennedys with President Charles de Gaulle of France in Paris in 1961

They were the most famous power couple in the world, young, beautiful, rich, their faces on the cover of endless magazines, their every move photograp(...)