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They theorised that surgeons might be more likely to be ‘distracted or rush to finish procedures on their birthdays’. Photograph: iStock

Patients who undergo surgery on their surgeon’s birthday are less likely to survive than those who go through surgery on other days of the year, accor(...)

Covid-19: Boston study’s findings may help answer one of the most perplexing questions about the virus: how long does immunity last?

Researchers at a US hospital in Boston have identified a group of patients who have quickly recovered from Covid-19 and display indications of having (...)

Green is good: a housing estate in Maynooth, Co Kildare, demonstrates the look of  tree cover. Among other benefits trees can protect against air and noise pollution

There is a justifiable push to build more housing, but this pressure should not ignore the benefits of greenery residential areas. Not only for aesthe(...)

Pádraig Schäler with family and friends aim to raise awareness of road safety in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where he was injured as a cyclist five years ago.

A young Irish cyclist who suffered a catastrophic brain injury when he was involved in a serious road accident in Cape Cod five years ago returned to (...)

Brian Reilly: “We are wholly confident that this initiative can be achieved, and on an ethical basis, especially following last week’s successful meetings in New York.”

Plans to establish a benevolent vulture fund in Ireland, which would buy up €5 billion of distressed mortgages and let the properties back to the occu(...)