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Usman, Danec, Hadiza and Ummate, students at Moduganari Primary and Secondary School in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria. Photograph:  Sally Hayden

Head teacher Sani Garba Mohammed stands in front of a blackboard reading “R data processing” in the El Ansar Islamiya school in Maiduguri, northeast N(...)

 Afghan woman begs for alms during a snowfall in Kabul, earlier in January. Photograph: EPA/Stringer

Afghan farmer Abdul Qaher cannot remember a worse drought. Unable to feed his four children after losing his harvest, he took the drastic decision to (...)

Children return to the classroom  at Kitante primary school in Kampala, Uganda, on Monday.  Photograph:  Esther Ruth Mbabazi/The New York Times

Uganda has reopened schools for the first time since March 2020 after the world’s longest Covid-19 related school shutdown, affecting 15 million child(...)

Novak Djokovic: treatment of world’s number one is shabbier than the hotel where he is being detained. Photograph: Greg Wood/AFP via Getty Images

Kindness was in short supply last week through the whole Novak Djokovic saga, not least from those who chose to drag innocent parties into the story w(...)

Filling water containers from a hand pump well in Kamod, India on December 1st, 2021. Photograph: Saumya Khandelwal/The New York Times

India, one of the world’s most water-stressed countries, is halfway through an ambitious drive to provide clean tap water by 2024 to all of the roughl(...)

The Gaza Strip in Gaza City, where Hamas rules. Its popularity surged after the 11-day war with Israel in May 2021 but it has since sunk in the polls thanks to corruption and economic crisis. Photograph: Hosam Salem/The New York Times

At a beachfront hotel in Gaza City this autumn, hundreds of Gaza civic leaders crowded into a Hamas-sponsored conference to hear claims of an imminent(...)

A pharmacist from one of the Afghan Red Crescent’s mobile health teams provides medicines during a community visit on December 15th. Photograph:  Disasters Emergency Committee/PA Wire

Like millions of Afghans, Sibghatullah Ahmadi was happy about the end of 20 years of war in his country. Fighting had devastated his village in Kapisa(...)

A girl getting vaccinated in Zimbabwe: ‘Covid is the highest [priced] vaccine for lower-income settings that was ever commercialised,’ says the WHO’s head of vaccine strategy. Photograph: Tafadzwa Ufumeli/Getty

Wealthy countries have rolled out more Covid-19 boosters than the total number of all doses administered so far in poorer nations, according to analys(...)

Muncipality workers receive wheat as wages distributed by the Taliban government in Kabul on Thursday. Photograph: Maxim Shipenkov/EPA

At a hospital in the remote province of Badakhshan in north-eastern Afghanistan, two-year-old Mohammad Yusuf relies on nutritional supplements to rest(...)

Police officers and people stand at the bomb explosion site in Mogadishu, Somalia, on November 25th, 2021. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

An Islamist suicide bombing outside a school in Somalia’s capital killed eight people and wounded at least 23 including 13 children, the latest in a (...)

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