In at least one recent case, the Irish authorities had to offer assurances that a prisoner would not be forced to “slop out” in order to secure their extradition.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Criminal suspects abroad who are wanted by the Irish authorities are attempting to prevent their extradition on grounds of “inhuman” prison conditions(...)

Following a five-day trial at Dundee sheriff court, a jury found Dunn guilty of endangering the child’s life by repeatedly striking her on the head and body and striking her against an unknown object or objects.  Photograph: Maciej Lewandowski

A man who put a toddler in a tumble dryer has been found guilty of the “monstrous” assault of the 13-month-old girl. Thomas Dunn (25) was looking aft(...)

A murder trial in a British courtroom is to be shown on television. Six cameras were placed in an Edinburgh courtroom for six weeks last year, capturi(...)