Liam Butler, owner of Haven Pharmacy in Birr, Co Offaly: ‘I cannot see us getting back to where we were until after the next flu season. 2020 is a write-off for a lot of pharmacies’

“This is the most difficult six or seven weeks that any of my family have experienced in the business,” says Liam Butler, a third-generation pharmacis(...)

Grafton street

Will it be July or September? Whenever it is, it will be to a much changed world. In China, normality is creeping back. Shops are reopening. Pe(...)

Sandra Gannon, chief executive of Azure Pharmaceuticals: 178 products are listed as out of stock amid fears the figure could grow post-Brexit. Photograph: Naoise Culhane

Pharma industry veteran Sandra Gannon has set up a new business to tackle supply shortages of common drugs in Ireland. Ms Gannon, formerly the head (...)

From 1963 onwards, the pill was imported into Ireland to keep menstrual anarchy at bay. This involved lying on a heroic scale. Photograph: Getty Images

It’s time to talk about lying women. About brazen bare-faced female mendacity – and why some people want more of it.  In the history of feminine(...)

A proposal by the National Association of General Practitioners for doctors to dispense medicines directly to patients has caused concern among pharma(...)

Medicine shortages
  • Health
  • October 28, 2014, 14:46

A warning from pharmacists that the shortage of certain medicines in the Republic poses a significant risk to patient health cannot be ignored. Result(...)

The Irish Medicines Board, which regulates the pharmacy industry, has revealed  that 20 different types of medicine which currently need a doctor’s prescription will soon not need them at all.   Photograph: Thinkstock

Thousands of patients will be able to get medicines over the counter where previously they had to have a doctor’s prescription, it has been announced.(...)

Goretti Brady: “I realised I was too squeamish [for a career in medicine]. I used to practically faint in the dentist’s chair.” Photograph: Aidan Crawley

With many in the struggling pharmacy industry in need of a dose of corporate Prozac, you would expect the managing director of the largest chain of di(...)