Clinical studies show that so-called ‘abortion pill reversal’  is dangerous, potentially causing severe hemorrhaging. Photograph: Getty Images

Facebook Ireland has said it will investigate claims of ads posted to promote controversial abortion pill “reversal” procedures. The social media com(...)

Joseph Mercola: the osteopathic physician is a key figure in the “Disinformation Dozen” spreading anti-vaccine messaging, researchers say. Photograph: Mercola

The article that appeared online on February 9th began with a seemingly innocuous question about the legal definition of vaccines. Then, over its next(...)

A person walks past the Pfizer Inc headquarters in New York on Wednesday. Even if there was universal public support for Covid-19 vaccines,managing their rollout was already going to be one of the most logistically complex public health operations in history. Photograph:  Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

The Covid-19 vaccine intends to “eliminate large parts of humanity”. It will do this by sterilising all the women who get it, and altering our DNA to (...)