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Segway: It’s the end of the road.  Photograph: Ty Wright/Bloomberg

The future of public transportation will shortly be a thing of the past. Later this month, Segway will produce the last of the two-wheeled personal tr(...)

The transportation revolution that inventor Dean Kamen envisioned when he founded the company in 1999 never took off. Photograph: iStock

Segway, the company that claimed its two-wheeled personal transporter would revolutionise the way people get around, is ending production of its names(...)

“Empathy is inbuilt. Our brains are wired to mirror the emotions of others. But we filter our understanding through the biases we carry.”

What makes a new business idea succeed? We know that only 10 per cent of new businesses survive, so the answer is both important and elusive. The mak(...)

Inventor Dean Kamen began selling the Segway  to the public in 2002, but sold it to Summit Strategic Investments two years ago. Photographer: Ty Wright/Bloomberg

Everyone is familiar with poacher-turned-gamekeeper scenarios, but what happens when the poacher buys the gamekeeper? Segway, the US developer of thos(...)

Segway was launched amid great fanfare in 2001 but the electric scooter with a top speed of 12.5mph has made less-than-flattering headlines on several occasions.

Chinese company Ninebot has bought Segway, the US maker of the eponymous two-wheeled vehicle that has regularly grabbed headlines but failed to match (...)