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An Aoife stove by Waterford Stanley

Middleby, the Nasdaq-listed owner of the range and cooker maker Waterford Stanley, has made available €14.1 million to support the loss-making busines(...)

Waterford Stanley employs about 100 staff in Waterford, where it produced its first range cooker 80 years ago

Waterford Stanley, the southeast cooker manufacturer owned by the Aga Rangemaster group, narrowed its losses last year to just under €1 million, accor(...)

AGA is at the centre of a takeover tussle after revealing US electronic appliances giant Whirlpool was considering a bid to rival Middleby’s £129 million offer. Photograph: PA

The Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator sounds like a piece of heavy factory machinery or a component of a grimy car engine. Shorten the name to Aga, however(...)

The Aga, symbol of British middle-class country living, is the target of two US companies.

The Aga, beloved icon of the British middle class, has become the unlikely centre of a takeover tussle between two US appliances giants. The cooker, (...)

 Aga Rangemaster, said they had seen a slow start to 2015 for sales but there had been a “marked change in attitude” after the general election in May

Upmarket consumers in Britain flocked to buy Aga cookers after the Tory election victory earlier this year as they abandoned pre-poll caution, it was (...)