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The class of 2020 graduated virtually into a  labour market dictated by a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

The class of 2020 could be forgiven for thinking they have been handed a raw deal. They graduated – virtually, most likely – into a markedly changed l(...)

You can ask friends, colleagues, and former employers which soft skills come to mind when they think of you. Photograph: iStock

There has been much talk in recent months about the demise of the office. When the first cases of Covid-19 were detected in the State and the virus b(...)

Free online courses offers particular value to learners who otherwise could not afford to enter higher education, or upskill. Photograph: iStock

Increasingly, people are taking greater control of their careers and their learning and with advancements in online technology, more and more people a(...)

Adult education: even those who go through the third-level system may  return to education to upskill, change career direction, or simply to learn for the sake of learning. Photograph:  iStockphoto/Getty

Everyone is fairly familiar with the basics of the education system: primary school, secondary school, college and then maybe a postgraduate. But not(...)

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are beginning to crisp, the kids are back to school and a new term is kicking off in third-level institutes a(...)

Web Log

Google announced last week that developers now have the choice to offer free trials within the Chrome Web Store. This focus on monetisat(...)

“Online education has been around for decades. The thing that has really changed is that we now have the technology for one lecturer to teach a hun(...)