Olwen Fouéré’s performance gives voice to the river in James Joyce’s unfathomable ‘Finnegans Wake’. It’s sink-or-swim time

In between making indie music and taking flying lessons, the renaissance woman has turned her hand to opera. Her working life is as hard to keep up with as her conversation

South Africa’s intense society shows the best and worst of humanity, says Yael Farber. Can ‘Mies Julie’, her version of Strindberg’s class tragedy, escape apartheid?

Two lovers with intellectual disability slip away to a hotel room in Christian O’Reilly’s finely balanced play for Blue Teapot. Do they need protection?

Everyone gets a second chance at love in Bruce Graham’s numbingly competent play

The mouse hero of Pat McCabe’s children’s story knows how to work a crowd. It’s just as well this production comes with its own onstage audience


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