A dark Danish fairy tale for ages eight and up that reveals its inner workings

Camille O’Sullivan gives the wronged Lucrece a powerful voice as Shakespeare’s text is condensed into 12 songs

Richard Maxwell takes the individuality, drama, poetry, mimesis, emphasis and virtuosity out of the story of a hero . . . so what’s left?

Frank McGuinness’s new play gives a glimpse of the pathology of the Irish patriarch and how its roots thrive despite the poison

Polish theatre director Janek Turkowski draws the audience into his mission to derive meaning from films he discovered depicting an unknown woman’s life

Delhi’s Tadpole Repertory, a company of modest means in one of the most populous cities on earth, tells the story of a face in the crowd

Nineteenth-century New England comes closer to home in Corn Exchange’s austerely beautiful production of Eugene O’Neill’s tragedy

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