Penneys are democratising professional beauty services, and anyone who is snobby about beauty and hair should be quaking in their boots. Photograph: Stephanie Zieber

The PS . . . X Glissed pop-up at the Mary Street store is no-frills – and a no-brainer

‘They’re handing out barf bags. The crossing is going to be rough’. ‘Aren’t crossings always rough?’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Laura Kennedy: My brother returns with the accoutrements of adulthood – and a wife

Fetch ships worldwide, but next-day delivery within Ireland costs just €4 for orders under €70

The arrival of Fetch beauty to Ireland is good news for real lovers of quality skincare

One of Freud’s theories was the notion that we fall in love with people who are a mirror image of our ideal version of ourselves

It seems – anecdotally at least – that there is something to Freud’s assertion of compensating traits

This foundation photographs beautifully, boasts excellent wearing time and looks fresh for hours

If you like great coverage and a dewy texture, NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation is perfect

Essential products to help you look your best in the early stages of a relationship

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister for Children Catherine Zappone and Health Minister Simon Harris during the press conference following the cabinet debate on the referendum on the Eight Amendment. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Laura Kennedy: By vilifying ‘the other side’ and deciding that they are less human in some way, less well intended, or more monstr(...)

Beauty: All we can do is manage damage – and serums and eye creams can help

Beauty: The new collection has some people crying ‘notions’ but it’s a handy capsule collection

Beauty: you don't have to spend a fortune to refresh your look

Maybe he is just being a kid and figuring out what he enjoys

Laura Kennedy: I don’t possess what must be the terrifying responsibility for another human life

Beauty: Small enough to wash down drains, microbeads pose a risk to marine life

Writers’ block?: feel the fear but do it anyway

Laura Kennedy:  Resistance is the best word – a force which flourishes counter to our will

Masks, creams and oils for a more moisturised 2018

‘I inherited her dishes when she died. They are Burleigh’s Blue Calico pattern’

Laura Kennedy: My mother used to say that mugs were vulgar, and that the tea didn’t taste the same in them

Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash and Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set.

‘A tampon will stop a nosebleed nicely if you don’t mind the funny looks'

Skin giving you trouble? Picking up small habits will bring results you crave

‘If we are going to choose a time to change, surely this is it’

Laura Kennedy: So much change is involuntary, or unconscious, but through it all, we presume that there is a “me”; an immutable “s(...)

Clearly, age does not improve us or make us wiser by default. Photograph: iStock

When we have a change in perspective, those who remain within can feel judged

If you are in the market for a bargain or seven, don’t move. The best of the sales are online. File photograph: iStock

Plenty on offer online for those who fancy treating themselves without facing the sales madness

In terms of makeup and skincare, 2017 has been one of the best. File photograph: Getty Images

It might not have been the best year, but it was a stellar one for makeup and skincare

To keep the peace, can’t we all just pander to the wishes and desires of those who are often the most unreasonable or demanding people in the room?

Laura Kennedy: Christmas is a time for togetherness, if at all possible, and that should not come at anyone’s expense

Beauty: when it comes to choosing that special gift, we’ve selected this fantastic five

'Christmas has a reflective way of condensing the worst of the year into something like the drastically overdone annual sprouts.'

Laura Kennedy: Pascal’s work is a comfort because at this performative time of year

Kiehl's His Facial Fuel Favourites (€38 from Arnotts)

There are plenty of beauty-related gifts for men who say they don’t need anything

Glowing skin is achievable in winter, but a good dose of artificial embellishment is required.

Layer on the right products to keep yourself radiating through winter

‘We are not perfect the way we are. If we were, we could declare ourselves finished articles’

Laura Kennedy: It can sometimes be difficult to know when criticism is valid

The Nails Inc Sparkle Baby Bauble Gift Set (€13)

Beauty: Little parcels and tubs of goodness can help bring some office cheer

Counterfeit beauty products seized during the week. Photograph:

Fake versions of a beauty product are no substitute for a cheaper alternative

‘Calls by some scientists for a ban on glitter for the sake of the environment were received with panic last week.’ File photograph: Getty Images

A guide to some of the best glitter beauty products for the Christmas party season

Bed as an opt-out clause isn’t a new approach, and neither is struggling to peel ourselves from it when we fully intend to, but just need five more minutes.

Laura Kennedy: Soon, the light of spring will mean the dark embrace of bed will hold less temptation

. . . and the perfumer, Olivier Polge, who creates new scents for the legendary brand

Beauty: It may come as a surprise but dehydrated skin isn’t the same as dry skin

Christmas glimmer: the number of Irish brands producing excellent scented candles suggests we have a national appreciation for them. Photograph: Getty

Expensive? Yes. But scented candles are one of life’s joys, especially in winter

The word ‘Christmas’ no longer conveys the significance of the God who joined the human caravan and walked in our shoes, says  Fr Desmond O’Donnell

Laura Kennedy: Fr O’Donnell suggests Catholics substitute ‘nativity’ for ‘Christmas’, to reflect how we now think of the season

Beauty: Most of us will experience congestion, breakouts and shine from our teen years and beyond, here’s how to deal with them

You glow, girl: Melissa Carter has got her products on to the Instagram feeds of Kylie and Khloe Kardashian, creating global awareness of her tanning brand, Cocoa Brown

Ireland's love affair with fake tan has been a golden opportunity for the Irish tan-entrepreneur Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown

"Around the two-year mark, I was advised by those with experience, is a good time to seek some counselling for grief" Photograph: Getty

Laura Kennedy: Around the two-year mark is, apparently, a good time to get counselling for grief

Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar (€40 when you spend €40 on clothing, beauty or home products)

Beauty: Laura Kennedy reports on what are basically ‘Kinder Eggs for adults’

Red is a joyous, subversively wintry and a declaration of confidence. Photograph: Getty Images

Laura Kennedy: While it can be a frightening colour it is also a declaration of confidence

Heavier coats and scarves mean you often want a heavier base. Laura Kennedy picks some of the best

The tigers are coming, so  you must make a choice about who you will save

Laura Kennedy: We don’t want to say we don’t care about the other children, or that they are less important than our own child

'Over the years since training as a makeup artist, I have amassed a shamefully large collection of brushes.'

Five brushes, covering all budgets, and not a sponge applicator in sight

Most people have done things they regret when intoxicated.

Laura Kennedy: We put forth, and comfortably accept, a narrative which allows us to excuse inexcusable behaviour committed when dr(...)

The shaved faces of Irish men are once again peeking out. File photograph: Getty Images

Laura Kennedy On Beauty: In the Great Bearding (2014-2017) beard oils did a booming trade

Men can benefit from cosmetics just as women do

An alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein, Mimi Haleyi, at a press conference held by attorney Gloria Allred in New York recently. Photograph: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Few of us are immune to the cowardice that enabled Weinstein’s behaviour

By far the least sexy and most neglected step in the average skincare routine, cleansing is also the step which  makes the most visible difference.

If you wear make-up, cleansing twice is essential and oil-based products are a good start


Free will is a sexy topic in both popular and academic philosophy – and it’s easy to see why

Up the glamour level and veer in a vampy direction. File photograph: Getty Images

Vampy and glam is great for the witching season but it can work on other occasions too

Laura Kennedy. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

I wanted to come home, and not just because of a bum note in London

The Salon Confidential team (Áine O Neill, Billy Bunzari, Ross McKenna, Stephanie Maher, Nigel Kenny and Lisa Jordan) are here to share your problems, whether you like it or not

RTÉ’s new show sees hair and beauty experts pass judgment on child-bearing, Asperger’s and Tinder

Laura Kennedy: We live inside our skin, so problem-solving skincare should comfort

“I was afraid to take the test at home in case it was positive. I could not tell my mother. I didn’t want a baby; couldn’t have one.”

I abstained from sex for years, making myself the most Catholic atheist in the country

Beckham’s second range for Estée Lauder has caused tremendous anticipation.

Plenty of new additions to excite: 18 to be precise, as well as two limited edition sets


The right products can help to tame your tresses this season

Prof Bruce Gilley argued that colonialism should not be considered the great evil we generally think it to be

It is easy to build a narrative after colonising a territory that the ‘natives’ are better off for it


Can you get anything good for about a fiver?

To achieve that healthy glow with oily or congested skin, buying the correct skincare product will take a little research. File photograph: Getty Images

Step away from old-school astringents and always read the labels

‘The word partner sounds like a person you might set up an unsuccessful novelty fridge magnet business with’

Coping: Parents provide us with skewed expectations about what a partner should be

Shiseido WASO range: heavily influenced by Japanese and Korean beauty trends.

Japanese beauty range available in Arnotts and selected Irish pharmacies next week

Though our lives can be altered by means within our control or outside it, we have a tendency to think negatively about change, and for good reason.

Coping: We have greater skills of adaptation than we give ourselves credit for


Celebrity make-up lines are often a disappointment. Laura Kennedy tests Rihanna’s effort

Beauty Report: Testing products in the lead up to a winter wedding will give you a good sense of their lasting quality

Double Serum is unique in that it is a universal product, suitable for all ages, all ethnicities and now thankfully given the removal of one controversial ingredient, all skin types.

Laura Kennedy: Lovers of good skincare will know all about Clarins Double Serum

Kim Kardashian:  ‘Vogue’ quoted a plethora of just some of the frightening-sounding treatments required to achieve a body in the Kardashian style. Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Coping: We augment and adjust our bodies in minor and major ways all the time, doing everything from removing body hair to piercin(...)

Beauty Report: When temperatures indoors and out start to change, skin can turn rather mutinous

Like an intense but insecure young man mustering up the courage to ask you out for coffee, Spinoza is a slow burner

Spinoza, the philosopher, annoyed many but I was drawn to his complex style and challenging ideas

MAC is widely known as a brand which caters to all ethnicities, ages and genders

Red lips are going nowhere, and thank goodness for that. Photograph: iStock

Beauty Report: Trends are fun but don’t slavishly follow them. Pick the ones you love

Munroe Bergdorf:  dropped by L’Oreal  Photograph: Dave M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Transgender model Bergdorf, whose person is her brand, was hired by L’Oréal to reflect the brand’s values. They had to fire her

Laura Kennedy as a Trinity College PhD philosophy student. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Coping: With a Stoic sense of ourselves as works in progress, we can make our lives better

Sam’s Barbers has an authentic vintage atmosphere with every hint of modern comfort and style.

Grooming has moved from preening to maintenance. One shop is at its epicentre

Beauty Report: You need something to last all the way to October, and more is definitely more

 Conor McGregor: What he  is doing is what everyone is doing – pushing the rock up the mountain. Photograph: David Sleator

Daring Dubliner believes he is capable of something no one has ever done before

‘When she began to lose her grip entirely on reality, I felt sympathy for her for the first time. Her distress was primal.’

Coping: Judging something we don’t understand is not fair to the person suffering

Half of Sydney’s pubs have refused to show the highly anticipated bout for fear of what one Sydney publican described to the Telegraph as the ‘transient [Irish] backpacker’. Photograph: Getty Images

There are very few venues showing the fight, so staying in might be the best option

The tools most worth paying for are the ones that save time and effort.

Laura Kennedy: If you’re going to be using an appliance for years to come, it makes sense to invest in the right ones


When you need a little help, give your skin some heavy duty coverage

Sometimes I lie awake in the dark and fear the complacency that is the first step along that road to ruining what you have. Photograph: Getty Images

There are times when we start to consider the possible futures we have closed off

The best quality full coverage bases are a must-have item.

Full coverage foundations to help with bad skin days and move you seamlessly into winter


Try these beauty products that are functional first, lovely second

If Ireland and the UK were to become countries where long-term renting was to be more widespread, we would need a stiff cultural redirect to get there. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Coping: Tenants are viewed as homeowners-in-waiting, somehow having failed to achieve a basic life essential

Cloon Keen Atelier, Max Benjamin: a growing number of Irish brands use local ingredients


Two lipsticks, one moisturiser – and no, foundation stick is not a paste

Bere Island: I walked with her here,  summer after summer

Coping: This is the first time we have come to Bere Island without my mother

While you should spend an affordable amount on a serum, there should be limits

Beauty: Products for fresh, flawless skin without needing to top up

The Handmaid’s Tale? `We are not slinking into dystopia. Rather, we are still engaged in the long crawl out it’

Coping: Laws that discriminate against women are aftershocks of a past dystopia


From mirror polish to Kim Kardashian kits, a mix of hype and scarcity creates pent-up demand for some beauty products

Vita Liberata Body Blur in Latte Light (€37.50), L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Elixir (€15.99), Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam Ultra Dark (€17.99) and La Mer After Sun Enhancer (€105)

Beauty: Some of these are aimed tanning veterans, others at the lazy and nervous

Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman to play  Doctor Who, the BBC has revealed. Photograph: Colin Hutton/BBC/PA Wire

People celebrating a female Doctor Who as a symbol of increasing gender equality have got it wrong

There are plenty of options around the country for the perfect manicure

If you are going to spend a lot of money on a beauty product, you need to choose wisely

For the fourth night in a row Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather pretended to hate each other. Photo: Scott Heavey/PA Wire

McGregor and Mayweather final press stop was obnoxious, vulgar and entertaining

‘A coffee table is a strange piece of furniture – non-essential, to be sure, but very inconvenient to be without’

Coping: My mother’s fable of a new sofa may have been the defining allegory of my childhood

‘Adele nude’ is probably the best way to describe Blush Nude – a luscious sixties throwback with a modern texture.

Beauty: It may sound drab but the most flattering shade is the shade of your natural lips

How to look good with the minimum of effort

‘People describe my neighbour as a joke, a relic of a time that never was. He is harmless, they say. He’s ‘just’ a foolish old man’

Coping: Our neighbour had worked himself into a great rage and the veil of socially acceptable artifice came down

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow: a tube of instant sun that works for all skins

Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury's Unisex Healthy Glow is a tube of instant sun

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