“It does not help that Brie Larson – an Oscar winning Hollywood star – has been kind of obnoxious in her commentary around the movie”

Laura Kennedy: As a feminist artwork, Captain Marvel makes some pretty good points

Irish beauty, bottled: Pestle & Mortar Exfoliate, Spotlight White Teeth Wash, Burren Perfumery Rose Facial Toner and  Calendula & Rose Cleanser, and Cloon Keen Atelier Lúnasa

Innovation from Pestle & Mortar, Spotlight, Burren Perfumery and Cloon Keen Atelier

Louise McSharry on Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose: These days I don’t really try to impress anyone, and that feels good

Eight Irish women – from Marian Keyes to Ailbhe Smyth – share what is special to them

  According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner has become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Photograph: Julian Smith/EPA

Laura Kennedy: I’m uncomfortable about Kylie Jenner’s success and the homogeneity of the ‘Instagram face’

Gorgeous spring perfumes:  Maison Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees, Herbae Par L’Occitane, Jo Malone London Cade & Cedarwood Cologne and Fragrance Combining Palette, and Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nil

This time of year calls for fragrances that sparkle with optimism and freshness

Reese Witherspoon: the actor has chosen the shade for Elizabeth Arden’s limited-edition lipstick

Not every cosmetics company puts its money where its mouth is. This trio deserve a look

‘The passion flowers that looked so alien and beautiful; a rumour of a far-off place creeping up a trellis in Limerick’ Photograph: istock

Laura Kennedy: ‘My mother taught me that if a plant wants to flower, it will when the time is right’

There’s a product out there to sort out every eyebrow-related worry

“Haven’t you read about this? It’s easy to know that the earth is not flat – just look into it” Photograph: istock

Laura Kennedy: Social media cycle seems increasingly overconfident about what is known

You don’t need to redo your foundation, even if it isn’t sitting well

Get a refreshed look without removing your day make-up

Jenny Yuen lives with her husband and nesting partner, Charlie, and  her other partner, Adam, who is 31 years her senior, lives up the street.

Committed relationships with different people sound exciting but they’re a lot more work

I did an ancestry kit but there were no surprises in my roots. Photograph: iStock

I am genetically ‘pure’ enough to set up a Celtic ethnostate. Maybe even a Limerick one

A set of ‘grown-up’ nude shades are best for day-to-day wear

Base and top coats, hand exfoliators and oils make all the difference with DIY manicures

‘I don’t know why I let the woman  steamroll me.’ Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: I put her stodgy impression of me above my own principles

Liquid products are quick to apply – useful if you choose to do your make-up on the move. Photograph: iStock

Get a great (and fast) morning make-up finish by applying cream products with fingers

ghd Glide: it will eliminate any weird kinks or that annoying hair bump you get after taking out a ponytail

The Glide is not sexy, or exciting, and at €139 it’s expensive. But I’ve used it so much

When we are sick what we want is someone who loves us to swoop in and pick us up. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: In a relationship, autonomy goes out the window when one catches the flu

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Treatment masks, €120 at fetchbeauty.com

From bespoke online purchase options to in-store alternatives. The best in Korean and Japanese beauty products

Smell of success: Olivier Polge in the laboratory at Chanel

Beauty: Olivier Polge’s fragrance project would terrify most perfumers

The Fatality room at Mortal Kombat 11: The Reveal. Photograph: Tasia Wells/Getty Images

Laura Kennedy: Is simulating violence a kind of wrongdoing in itself, or ethically neutral?

Davines Oi Range products from €22 at selected salons nationwide and shampoo.ie

From luxury Italian haircare lines to an off-the-shelf Boots favourite

Brandon Truaxe: offered high-quality alternatives to luxury skincare

The troubled former Deciem CEO, who has died aged 40, championed high-quality, affordable products

“We sat in the candlelit gloom the whole evening, realising how vulnerable the functioning of our lives really is”. Photograph istock

Laura Kennedy: The darkness reminds us of our own vulnerability and our entitlements

There are six products that can help any complexion wear this sixties throwback colour

The peachy pink with orange is set to have interesting implications for the beauty industry

’We need to talk about organ donation consent legislation.’ Photograph: istock

Laura Kennedy: We need to talk about organ donation where consent is presumed

New year, new look: beauty bargains from Vichy, Rimmel, Kiss, Elf and Isle of Paradise

Five affordable but clever beauty buys to help you bounce back from Christmas

January can be challenging. For many people. Photograph: istock

Laura Kennedy: New year may not feel new, but it is a good time to set down past baggage

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual (€40 at Brown Thomas)

Christmas vouchers may be unexciting, but not if you trade it for prime additions to your makeup bag

"Other people’s lives are not always as they seem, and neither, sometimes, are their legs." Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: Instagram substitutes verbal chicanery for the visual sort and reminds me that my legs are not aesthetically pleasi(...)

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick Collection (from £26 at lisaeldridge.com)

Charlotte Tilbury takes the lead with her Hollywood Flawless Filter, followed by Dyson's styler and a Penneys colab

Rituals Ritual of Holi Toiletry Bag (€9.50) would make an ideal gift for a teenager

From travel kits to hair products, our guide includes gift ideas for teenagers and adults

Laura Kennedy got up on the wrong side of the bed and spent the day in a cantankerous fug. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: I woke with a ball of anger thrashing in my guts

A well-thought-out gift set can be a handy idea, whether for your colleague or mother-in-law. Photograph: iStock

Secret santa or tricky in-laws? Salon-worthy ideas whether you want to save or splurge

This year’s must-have candles, diffusers, cleansers and affordable male skincare products

Rituals of Yalda: the series is inspired by an Iranian end-of-year ritual

The Danish beauty brand likes to take pleasure in the small details of life

It’s not realistic to like your partner all the time. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: How many minutes a week you can spend irritated by your partner before yours can be classed as a bad relationship?

The Coanda Effect Curling Hair

Review: It costs €500 but it is a remarkable and exciting beauty tool

Party-season make-up from Stila, Mac, Catrice and Chanel

Never mind taste and sophistication. Glam up: we have entered ‘the glittering’

How could I forget her voice? Photograph: istock

Laura Kennedy: This week I stepped back into the past, to the hospice, to her last days

“Penis facial”: Kate Beckinsale took down her Instagram post after her beauty treatment prompted outrage. Photograph: François G Durand/WireImage/Getty

Outrage made Kate Beckinsale delete her Instagram post. So now she’s free for a bird-poop facial

The simple addition of a good mask will  help your November skin a lot.  Photograph: iStock

Some calming products for when winter is playing havoc with your skin

Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume + Shape Set, €449.99.
Gorgeous gifts

Presents to make you look and smell amazing

`We can listen to someone we disagree with and remain emotionally intact.’ Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: Free-speech tussles turn on whether we can withstand disagreement

Lisa Eldridge: her lipsticks are smooth, lightweight, nondrying mattes in three universally flattering shades

The YouTube star’s limited-edition Velvet lipsticks are inspired by classic glamour

Winter winners: lipsticks from Nars, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Sisley, YSL and L’Oréal

Rich, cocooning textures and opaque, dramatic finishes for the months ahead

Low self esteem and confidence can stop us in our tracks

Laura Kennedy: We all know we could be better than we are. We just need self-belief

Basic winter skincare is primarily about protecting and soothing the skin.

Maintaining skin’s natural barrier should be priority in approach to cold weather skincare

Anastasia Beverly Hills: its range is now available at Arnotts’ beauty hall

Cult brand’s arrival at Arnotts makes it the place to go for make-up in Dublin

The social and wellbeing cost of engaging in direct confrontation is so high, I avoid it if I can.

Laura Kennedy: We should all be more comfortable with our own discomfort

A good skincare routine will do a lot to help clear teenage acne. Photograph: iStock

A good skincare routine will do a lot to help those struggling with adolescent breakouts

Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar (€40 when you spend €40 on clothing, home and beauty in store from today)

There are some frankly knee-weakening collections of mini-beauty products this year

‘The romantic love of an early relationship is so different from that of an established one.’ Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: Enduring love is not sparkling, or poetic. It is stout, practical and tender

A high-quality eye liner is a must-have beauty product. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: From eyeliner to make-up remover, these are my go-toihero products

‘Like so many of us, I often go through the world ignoring the signs that I am valued by people around me’ Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: We tend to live with a sense of pessimism about ourselves and others

Pioneering celebrity hair stylist Luke Hersheson.

Don’t blame your hair, blame your hair cut, says celebrity stylist Luke Hersheson in his new book

Leading afro hair stylist Charlotte Mensah advises on how to treat brittle and damaged hair

The ‘Friends’ cast: role models in the friendship game or setting an impossible standard?

I don’t drink, and alcohol is the lubricant of every Irish social interaction

Marc Jacobs Beauty: the Eye-conic Longwear eyeshadow palette

Known for its chic packaging, the range offers smooth primers and buttery foundation

Products to try from Eucerin, Indeed Labs, Vichy, L’Oréal, Dr Lancer and Caudalie

This should not be about looking younger. It should be about healthy skin

The new Dyson Airwrap Styler yours for €499

A damp hair tool which can create a variety of styles comes at a price that might horrify some

Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian had fake academic articles published to prove a point about shoddy research. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: A ‘grievance studies’ hoax has identified a disturbing cultural shift

Revolutionary? Ghd’s €199 Oracle hair curler, available only in Ireland and Hong Kong

Beauty: Ghd's new Oracle is billed as an ‘idiotproof’ curling tool. Is it any good?

Skin issues are only as trivial as they feel and you don’t have to be locked in a death match with puberty for your feelings about your skin to be treated as valid.

Beauty: There’s an increasing number of people diagnosed with adult acne in their forties

Alex Steinherr x Primark: Sleep Spa Overnight Sleep Mask, Sleep Spa One-Step Night Cleanse, Pore Balance Anti-Blackhead Stick, Plump & Glow Plumping Lip Gloss, and Maximum Moisture Micellar Cleansing Gel

Penneys’ new affordable skincare range is one of the most exciting launches of the year

Drunk Elephant favourites: The Littles Kit, TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (top), Protini Polypeptide Cream, Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil and Lippe Balm

These seriously effective, easy-to-use favourites are available here at last

I am often anxious, but usually with some legitimate cause or other. Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: Scared of losing what I have, I am invading my peace to anticipate its loss

Moisturisers from Kiehl's, Alex Carro, Dermalogica, Chanel and Garnier

Beauty: In a day moisturiser for autumn, I want something cocooning

“Moments when, through an act of choice for which we are completely responsible, we take the low, weaselly road.”

Laura Kennedy: ‘The woman was so unjustly hostile that I did not want to be polite’

Recommended: some of my favourites from Chanel, Narciso Rodriguez, ghd, Moroccanoil and Bioderma

Beauty: The ones I retain are the ones which have made my life easier and give me joy

We are on the move again; the process has long since lost its allure.

Laura Kennedy: In our little house, I sit with the things I’ve accumulated through my life

Handwash and lotion duos from Field Day (1), Jo Malone London (2), Crabtree & Evelyn (3), Rituals (4) and & Other Stories (5)

Beauty: Make a statement in your bathroom with these perfect everyday indulgences

The new Aisling book is imminent. What’s behind the success of this Irish archetype?

Four years ago: Laura Kennedy as a Trinity College PhD philosophy student in 2014. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Laura Kennedy: So much of what we do at third level is inefficient and silly

Beauty: Like red lipstick or dark eyeshadow, fragrance can help create the person you feel like being on a given day

We can feel anxious without having a condition termed anxiety.

Laura Kennedy: In the run up to a challenging week, I'm having the Leaving Cert dreams again

Matte foundations from Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Huda, Rimmel and BareMinerals

When autumn comes, I opt for a heavier or more matte foundation

“As I watched, the heart of every Limerick fan pounded in my chest.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Laura Kennedy: Shared experiences of disparate people is mysterious and interesting

There are always the reliable products that we turn to, and I have discovered some failsafe ones this spring/summer season

Beauty: This selection of glamarous and pragmatic products bring joy all year round

Bere Island. This last year, I have returned here in my mind, to that sparkling day when the light melted into the water.

Laura Kennedy: In times of chaos or anxiety I have thought of the wildness and solitude of this place we entrusted with our mother(...)

Seattle has a sort of mellow ambience that has a feel of Cork or Dublin, though on a much vaster scale.

There’s much more to the city than its cliched image as home to Starbucks and Microsoft

Trish McEvoy Correct and Even Full-Face Perfector (€46 at Harvey Nichols, Dublin).

Where you want an under-eye corrector or to cover up an angry spot, here are some of the best

It’s often the simplest tools, and not the fancy ones costing hundreds, which make a pragmatic difference to everyday life.

From olive virgin oil swabs to a detangling comb and shower cap, here’s what you’re missing out on

“My brother disliked me right away, reportedly suggesting in a helpful tone that I be thrown out the car window.” Photograph: iStock

Laura Kennedy: Our mother would sometimes say ‘I’m afraid that when I die you two won’t take care of each other’. Looking back, we(...)

Ppt for hydration over richness unless you have quite dry skin

Solution to the current super-summer is to go lighter with both make-up and skincare

“My friend has become increasingly, for want of a better word, snippy. Not just with me, but with everyone, as far as I can tell.”

‘Resentment of friends can slip into your mental landscape surprisingly easily’

Lixir Vitamin C Paste Morning Mask (€39 at fetchbeauty.com)

Women are particularly susceptible to sudden and noticeable changes in pigmentation on the face

From night creams to masks, lipsticks to blush these are hard working products

It is a simple enough error, but it plagued me all weekend - Sorry, Epictetus

I recently mixed up two philosophers in an article. It was a simple error but I couldn’t stop thinking about it

Photograph: iStock

Beauty: these easy-to-use products will help bring comfort to an uncomfortable time

“When I awoke deep in the night to see an abnormally large blue moth soundlessly flying around my side of the bed, I presumed it was real.”

Laura Kennedy: Night-time visions of monsters in my room seem normal – at the time

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (€36.50 at Arnotts)

Be careful choosing a palette and opt for the colours you know you will actually wear

Aveda Beautifying Radiance Polish (€48.50 at Brown Thomas)

Using products that give you joy is a step towards caring about your body

Jordan Peterson: neither a Christ figure nor a sexist, transphobic, tyrannical Antichrist. Photograph: James Forde

Alt-right icon or incisive psychologist? The Canadian professor says his priority is to help people take charge of their lives

Ronan has been in the news for the last couple of days because she is to co-star with fellow actress Lupita Nyong’o in a campaign for the newest Calvin Klein fragrance, Calvin Klein Women.   File photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

The ad campaign for new 'feminist perfume' Calvin Klein Women has more scent than substance

The women were, on average, far better than they realised. Diligent, careful, and very (perhaps too) open to advice and criticism. Photograph: iStock

Women suffer with impostor syndrome more severely, on average, than men

Moroccanoil brand ambassador Sara Sampaio.

The cult oil product that changed how we treat and care for our hair at home

Some expensive mascaras can be excellent, but their lifespan is really only around three months.

In my experience, cheap mascaras are almost universally terrible, creating a dilemma

'The beginning stages, though they feel deep and revelatory, are just grazing the surface.' Photograph: iStock

We wrongly think that the initial easy stages of a relationship are how it is ‘supposed’ to be

Beauty: There are ways to build up a gradual tan, even for the ham-fisted pale Irish

'It is never 30 degrees in Limerick. Or at least, never insofar as I can remember.'

Laura Kennedy: I have been lifted out of the present and dropped into the past

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