There has also never been more choice in the sort of adaptable, long-wearing and smart products for the day. Photograph: iStock

You want lasting formulations but flattering, forgiving textures for your big day

Patchology Posh Peel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Treatment

Great value foot peel treatments, lip balms, serums and SPFs

Hairdresser Adam Reed wanted a brand to rival premium haircare, but be more accessibly priced, to minimise waste, and to make people feel better in a deeper than cosmetic way

Hairdresser Adam Reed has worked on famous heads from Madonna’s to Diane Kruger’s

When you’re tempted to reach for the make-up removing wipes or sleep in your make-up, don’t. Just don’t. Photograph: iStock

Taking your make-up off doesn’t have to be a chore, it can feel glorious

The causes of perioral dermatitis are not well understood

A goatee-like rash around the mouth, chin and nose may be perioral dermatitis

SPF has improved enormously even over the past five years. There are formulas available that don’t even feel like sun protection. Photograph: iStock

Some sun protection creams will act like a primer, others won’t interfere with your foundation

Glass skin is achieved first through skincare. Photograph: iStock

Lighter foundations and warmer tones can brighten winter-weary complexions

Clean-up  at the World Trade Center disaster area in New York. Photograph: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty

Book review: Lucy Easthope’s is an entirely unique vision of the human experience

People should shop for the lashes they have as much as the lashes they want. Photograph: iStock

Lengthening, thickening or waterproof? A Brown Thomas beauty stylist has the answers

This year I’ve collated some of the most obscenely delectable beauty luxuries to inspire your gifting ideas. Photograph: iStock

There are many kinds of Irish Mammy, but few who won’t warm to a nice beauty product

Concealer for everyday use largely falls into two categories – the type for under or around the eye area, and the type  for covering blemishes or pigmentation. Photograph: iStock

A good concealer is beauty’s fire extinguisher

Oil-based skincare should be embraced, not feared. Photograph: iStock

They aren’t something to fear and are useful to everyone, especially those with dry skin

Diogo’s clients include model Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Photograph: Dave Benett/Getty

In conversation with Julia Diogo – manicurist to model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Thankfully, there’s a lot that you can do with products to mitigate the impact of changeable weather. Photograph: iStock

Volume starts at the root, so a shampoo suited to your hair type is essential

Hybrid  products are becoming more available as the industry translates its knowledge and technology for the skin on our bodies.  Photograph: iStock

There is a very welcome trend for ingredients-led body care products right now

If roses don’t inspire you on Valentine’s Day, maybe a Valentine-inspired lipstick will do the trick. Photograph: iStock

A nude lip can match your natural lip tone and act to enhance it

Josh Wood Colour Blending Brush in Light Brown

With any root product, the key is gentle application

Tom Ford Bitter Peach candle (€114)

Nights in with toasty cashmere and patchouli, gunsmoke and cedar

If you have the inclination and budget for some sleep aids, I’ve found a few which are helpful and comforting. Photograph: iStock

From weighted blankets to body cream, a little indulgence might help you nod off

Augustinus Bader conditioner, hair oil and shampoo

What’s so special about Augustinus Bader Haircare? Laura Kennedy finds out

January is the ideal month to go entirely back to basics and consider whether your cleanser and moisturiser are giving your skin what it needs.  Photograph: iStock

There are endless choices in skincare but everyone can benefit from keeping things simple

Beauty gifts are always a universally pleasing buy. Photograph: iStock

Buying online from Irish brands means delivery times will be shorter

The Christmas Eve department store tussle is not feasible or desirable for many reasons this year, so let us steel our collective nerve and venture forth into the realm of gifting. Photograph: iStock

From lipstick to hand cream – there is some element of beauty that will suit everyone

McCauley The Ultimate in Skin Box

Whether you're going out or staying in, it's a time for glitter, red lips and smokey eyes

Harry Styles, who was recently featured on the cover of Vogue, has launched a beauty brand called Pleasing.  Photograph: Tim Walker

Pleasing is a refreshingly gender ambiguous brand with nail polish and two skincare products

When hands get dry, chapped or tight, we suddenly stop mindlessly assaulting our most-used tools

We take our hands for granted – subjecting them to constant abuse and work

Emily Ratajkowski at a fashion awards event in New York in 2019. Photograph: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While almost everyone knows the supermodel’s angular features, her voice has been elusive

If you’re making an advent calendar purchase this year, there are some obscenely good options to choose from. Photograph: iStock

Advent calendars are indulgent, unnecessary, expensive and for beauty lovers, utterly thrilling

‘I know primer can feel like another unnecessary layer – but using a good one can make a real difference.’ Photograph: iStock

‘The best way to make your make-up last is to spend more time prepping your skin’

A winter scent needs to hack through the dense bouquet of mulch- and moisture-laden winter air. Photograph: iStock

The scent should bring an intensity that might seem vulgar and heavy during summer

‘I’m fortunate that I’m still the face of the brand, still the founder, still the dreamer, still the doer, still the majority holder,’ says Skingredients’ owner Jennifer Rock. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Jennifer Rock’s overhaul of her skincare brand is a rare example of principle over profit

From the Hermès cave of wonders – lipstick with an exceptional radiance.

Most of us don’t wear bright colours every day but muted need not mean boring, either

While the only foolproof solution is to spend the autumn in a country where the air is not actually a liquid, tricks and products can help. Photograph: iStock

When misty October air meets styled tresses, it creates a woeful case of ‘Irish hair’

When ‘facial freakouts’ occur, the key is to pare everything back. Photograph: iStock

Dr Ranella Hirsch explains how to heal compromised skin barriers

Augustinus Bader has become the talk of beauty editors all over the world, winning countless awards.

Gwyneth Paltrow raves about it, Courtney Cox and Melanie Griffiths have invested in it

Don’t take a chance with expired make-up. Photograph: iStock

They go off faster than you think (but some are so good you use them up right away)

‘Hormonal mounds on my chin and jawline gather like limpets on the hull of a ship, and throb at me.’ Photograph: iStock

A carefully constructed skincare routine can tackle your skin’s occasional mutinous flare-ups

Serum treats. It is the skincare cavalry, sent in to make a dent in enemy lines. Photograph: iStock

If there is something about your skin you want to change, invest in a serum

A compatible finish for your skin as it is right now is important –  if you have an oily skin type avoid a foundation that’s oil-based if you are conscious of shine.

Why do complexion products suddenly misbehave as the season shifts and the weather changes?

‘In a fit of what felt like sheer madness after a year and a half in the house, I asked them if they had any time for a pedicure and manicure.’ Photograph: iStock

You don’t have to visit professionals – engage in some beauty self-care this autumn

Men are buying cosmetics in previously unseen numbers and, for the most part, they’re buying them online. Photograph: iStock

If you want to start taking more care of your skin, there has never been a better time

The Makeup By Mario Master Pigment Pro Pencil (€22) is a real staple

Makeup by Mario: The man who created Kim Kardashian’s signature makeup look

‘Anyone who has tried applying sunless tan knows the pain of orange knuckles, a streaky back or – my personal favourite – completely forgetting to do one leg.’Photograph: iStock

Our passion for tan doesn’t always match our skill in applying it. Amanda Harrington can help

Every summer when the sun (eventually) turns up, we need to wear less in order to stay cool and comfortable. Photograph: iStock

The higher the temperature, the fewer the products, so make sure your chosen ones justify their roles

The days of affordable mascaras being inferior are long gone

I am all about upgrading to slightly more glamorous everyday tools and products. Photograph: iStock

Daily staples that keep us looking like ourselves should feel luxurious to use

Andrew Fitzsimons Pink No Marks Hair Clips: at €3 these hair clips are a must-have

Affordable beauty is infinitely more affordable today as well as being infinitely better

Concealer is often only as good as the person wielding it is skilled – and those professional tips and tricks for making coverage look natural and last through the day make all the difference.

A coverage masterclass from international makeup artist Christine Lucignano

Then I Met You is a cult US K-beauty brand from aesthetician and entrepreneur Charlotte Cho

This affordable new skincare range uses Korean ingredients

I’ve been seeking a slightly exciting hand sanitiser for a while – so many have an eye-watering alcohol scent and a hand-ruining, desquamating effect. Photograph: iStock

A hand sanitiser and lotion in one, a great portable SPF, and the ideal reimmersion lipstick

Photograph: iStock

Skin tints are the answer to your foundation needs in brighter months

Rosacea, aka ‘the curse of the Celts’, is common in Ireland. Photograph: iStock

Back to Basics: Don’t waste time or money having facials or peels – seek medical advice

The best scents for the summer

Fragrance would be nothing without its supernatural power to evoke mood and memory

The quality of the light changes and clarifies in summer, and suddenly everyone just looks a bit better without having to do very much. Photograph:

Laura Kennedy’s favourite liquid highlighters, foundation and bronzer

Some beauty products instantly place me back in childhood, watching women complete their beauty rituals. Photograph: iStock

A blast from the past may help you rediscover your love for make-up

Chanel No5 is what comes to mind when we think of perfume itself

Part of the legend of the world’s most famous fragrance is that it is adaptable, and is as beloved by fragrance lovers now as it w(...)

People touching up their make-up in public is a fascinating window into their lives. Photograph: iStock

These are all too self-evidently lovely to feel embarrassed to use, but also just practical

Great curls and coils are far easier to achieve than you might think. File photograph: iStock

The key to great, natural texture whether you have waves, curls or coils

Left to right: Rituals The Ritual of Mehr 2-Phase Bath Oil  Sunday, 111 Skin The Vitality Oil, Heire Hot Wax Kit, Riley Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub.

The products aren’t a necessity, but they create moments for us to appreciate our bodies

Paler Celtic complexions are more sensitive to sun exposure, burn more easily and need more protection. Photograph: iStock

If you don’t use a SPF, your expensive skincare is a waste of time and money

Make a conscious effort to nurture your love of make-up again. Photograph: iStock

Add some colour to your life, by treating your lips and eyes to a little make-up

Antioxidants exist naturally in fruit and vegetables. File photograph: Getty Images

Expert Jennifer Rock on why you should not ignore the ‘underdog’ of the skincare world


The eye area has become the beauty lover’s one compensating area

There are more than a few split ends barely hanging in there on my head. File photograph: iStock

Tried and tested hair products that will help the nation’s bedraggled heads

Recovery mode has two stages: comforting and repairing your banjaxed barrier, and counteracting the visible signs. Photograph: iStock

Overusing active ingredients can play havoc with your skin. Try these quick repair kits

Vieve Sunset Blush in Piazza (€26 at

Struggling to blush? From powders to creams, the right products make all the difference

Laura Kennedy: My body oil lives in the shower.

Lashing them on in the shower makes them go much further than normal

To do the basics well, you need a nice moisturiser, a skin tint or foundation, a great concealer, a natural-looking but enhancing mascara and a cream blush. File photograph: iStock

Some self-care and a touch of cosmetic enhancement can help boost spirits

The author moves back and forth between accessible but formal language and the overtly crude. Photograph: Getty

Damon Young wades into shark-infested waters and lives to tell the tale

File photograph: Getty Images

Trying to avoid washing your hair too often? Try these products

Claudette Nars wearing the new range of Nars products named after her.

François Nars says his mother’s beauty helped launch his career and gave name to his new collection

Beauty buys: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, Skingredients Skin Protein, Summer Fridays Cloud Dew and bareMinerals Original Liquid Mineral Concealer

Every month, Laura Kennedy addresses fundamental skincare problems and queries

Unbeatable Chanel and Jo Malone fragrances, Fenty foundation and Charlotte Tilbury lip colour

Maskne can be described as 'a skin rash which is exacerbated by mask-wearing and presents as red spots, bumps and blemishes'

Choose a snug but comfortable mask. Look for cotton and silk, too, to be kinder to skin

Make a resolution to declutter your skincare routine

The focus of Chanel’s new collection is all on warm, floral and tonal earthy hues with just enough pink to resurrect a face that hasn’t seen the sun in a while.

Put a little colour back into your life with a help from the French beauty brand

Elave Men shave kit.

These Irish goldmines are full of luxury and affordable gifts, from toothbrushes to make-up

Caudalie Vinosource Hydration Mini Cracker (€11) is a foolproof skincare stocking filler.

Stocking fillers should feel special and be selected with the recipient in mind

Brands such as Curél, L’Oreal and Avène are among my favourites. Photograph: iStock

They help keep the skin around the eye area moisturised and as taut as possible

Dermalogica Cleanse and Glow On the Go (€35) will start anyone on the road to good skin.

With festive candles and beautiful make-up brushes, you can’t go wrong this Christmas

This year consumers want Irish gifts  to redistribute money through local businesses. Photograph: iStock

From nourishing serums to personalised hair dryers, local beauty brands have it all

Diptyque Sapin de Nuit Candle (from €65 at

Now more than ever it makes sense to make your home as pleasant as it can possibly be

Now  is the ideal time to add active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C to your skincare routine. Photograph: iStock

Stuck indoors? You can use this time at home to embark on a beauty-related project

Skin will always respond well to a gentle, functional product designed to comfort and sustain it. Photograph: iStock

Hydration kits and renewing foot cream help restore and soothe sensitive skin

I want make-up to lift my apathetic, jaded face and articulate a willingness toward the day that I may not feel when I get up that morning. Photograph: iStock

On these sorts of days, I demand the make-up effects without the work of creating them

Few of us are getting enough deep, untroubled sleep at the moment. Photograph: iStock

Add a fragrant product or two to your sleep routine and relax

This week’s beauty column is a love letter to oil products and textures as the weather digs its heels in and we anticipate the cold slap of the first frost on our faces. Photograph: iStock

This time of year, oils are comforting and provide a protective layer for skin and hair

Masks should be brought into the realm of the everyday

Masks should be brought into the realm of the everyday because life is short and weird

Prof Luke O’Neill presents a cornucopia of information in a hearteningly jocose, approachable tone that has you wanting to befriend him. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Trinity College immunologist’s book leaves reader thoroughly entertained but not better equipped

Anything that brings light into a the darker seasons becomes a priority

I find myself coveting warmer, more comforting notes along with nursing the inclination to layer up


Rock is an Irish household name and her skincare brand stands out in a saturated market

Masks are part of our life now. We have to get used to living with them.

Wearing a mask all day is a recipe for breakouts, but it can be managed

A decent mascara can reorient a face, and make even a fatigued eyes look brighter. Photograph: iStock

Confused or bewildered as to which one suits you? Well we have one for every wearer

Revel in and prolong the textures, aromas and colours of summer while we are still in it

Embrace citrus scents to ease into the day, peach tones for blush and shimmer for eyes

According to research, the men’s grooming market is expected to grow to $78.6billion (€66.7 billion) by 2023

Male grooming is going mainstream, and that includes makeup that is subtle and masculine

Josh Wood Colour Copper Gold Gloss, Cherry Gloss, Rose Brunette Gloss and Berry Brunette Gloss

Laura Kennedy: This new at-home colour-refresh range will save you time and money

beauty collage

A collection that makes everyone look good is rare, but ByMe. is certainly one of them

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