Bankers and the bonus culture

Political capital

Sir, – I was interested to read that Irish bankers will soon be rewarded with bonuses of up to €20,000, which I’m sure will be paid promptly.

Talking of bonuses, my wife, who is a nurse, worked in a nursing home throughout the pandemic and had to witness 17 residents die from Covid, while also catching the disease herself twice, yet she has still to receive the measly €1,000 pandemic bonus from the State, as have most of her colleagues, a year after it was promised with great fanfare by our politicians.

The relative value our Government puts on bankers versus nurses is pretty evident. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 6W.

Sir, – A spectacular own goal by the Government! If there was ever an item which is likely to drive Coalition voters to give Sinn Féin a chance, this is it.

I will happily supply a list of names of competent and well-qualified candidates who would be more than happy to accept a senior job in any Irish bank for a salary of ¤500,000 a year.

Maybe they could be loaned to Ulster and KBC banks to assist customers trying to open a new account? Perhaps the lower paid bank staff should look at the pay levels and bonuses earned by hospitality and healthcare workers before deciding to move on. It stinks. No doubt, we will hear the usual platitudes about lessons being learned before the decision is reversed. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18

Sir, – I always thought that people were employed to do a particular job to the best of their abilities.

What’s all this fuss about “bonuses?” – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.

Sir, – Three cheers for Ireland’s banks, who are to be allowed pay big bonuses so that they can attract and retain “good people”.

It is a pity that Paschal Donohoe’s pragmatism and generosity does not extend to the country’s Defence Forces, hospitals and schools, which are also struggling to get and hold on to good people. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.

Sir, – Rory E MacFlynn rightly appreciates the value of those who nurse, teach and protect us, over those who move money around (Letters, December 1st).

However, in a capitalist country with a small “c”, I would suggest that without the money moving around, we wouldn’t be able to pay all those valuable people we hold so dear. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.