Vigilence urged at North GAA clubs after bomb found


Keyholders at GAA grounds should be on alert for suspect packages at local grounds around Northern Ireland, the RUC say.

It's a deadly campaign against a GAA club in a very vulnerable area
Sinn Féin Assembly member John Kelly

Britsh army technical officers defused a pipe-bomb after being called to the ground on the Castledawson Road shortly before 9 a.m.

An RUC spokesman also warned the public against touching any suspicious object.

"It is believed that the device discovered this morning and others dealt with in recent days have been very unstable," he said.

"There's a very strong likelihood that the devices could explode if lifted or tampered with in any way."

Sinn Féin Assembly member for the area, John Kelly, said today's attack was the latest in a series directed at the club.

"It's located near Castledawson, where there's a nest of loyalist paramilitaries," he said. Although previous attacks have been claimed by a variety of groupings, Mr Kelly insisted these were cover names for the main loyalist grouping, the Ulster Defence Association.

"It's a deadly campaign against a GAA club in a very vulnerable area," he added.

In a statement the O'Donovan Rossa club said up to 60 children regularly attend Sunday training sessions at its ground.

Condemning the attack, the club said a child could easily have triggered the pipe-bomb device.

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