'Naive wife' sign linked to toll posters and old coins


THE PLOT thickens. Clues have emerged about the identity of the person or people behind a rogue advertising hoarding near Dublin airport which purports to be from a scorned wife whose unnamed husband allegedly cheated on her while on a golfing trip.

For several days the huge sign has been draped over the side of an articulated lorry trailer left in a field beside the N2 slip road which leads on to the M50.

In full, it reads: “Golf is a passport for a dirty weekend away with the lads. Wake up girls . . .

A naive wife.”

Underneath the text are the initials TUD. The same initials were written on a number of posters which appeared on an M2 toll booth last month criticising the manner in which the State was pumping money into the banks.

The TUD initials also appear on a number of old 2p coins that were posted to Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy Showlast week. Glued to one side of each of the coins are anti-euro messages that read: “Heads I win, Euro you lose”; “I’m Back. Ha, ha ha”; and “Told you it wouldn’t work”.

“We just got a plain envelope and in addition to the coins there was a handwritten anonymous note which said that they had been found on Shop Street in Galway and on Dublin’s Grafton Street,” Will Hanafin, the show’s producer, told The Irish Times.

“When I saw the coins I immediately saw the connection with the poster campaign near the M2 toll booth that listeners had been e-mailing us about. The posters and the text on the coins was exactly the same font.”