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Crosaire, Tue Mar 31st » Simplex, Tue Mar 31st »

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Crosswords on tablets

Crosswords can now be played on your iPad with our new 2.0 BETA version!

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Crosaire 2.0 BETA Simplex 2.0 BETA iPads & modern browsers

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Crosaire 1.0 Simplex 1.0 Older browsers

Crosaire Blog

Crosaire Blog

Learn how cryptic clues are composed in the daily Crosaire Blog.

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Crosaire 15671

Rank Username Duration
1 Tony 0:08:03
2 griff 0:12:00
3 douglasmarc 0:13:42

Simplex No. 15594

Rank Username Duration
1 Jushto 0:01:50
2 Will 0:02:06
3 niallmoore 0:02:10
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