Huawei tech not included in core networks of Irish 5G operators

Vodafone and Eir using Ericsson technology for core 5G networks

Among the telecommunications companies planning to operate a 5G network in the Republic, none of them have included Huawei technology in the core part of those networks.

Vodafone has teamed up with Ericsson as it gears up to launch 5G capability by the end of this year and doesn't use Huawei equipment, while Three Ireland has previously said it does not use Huawei equipment.

Eir is also using Ericsson technology in its core network as it plans to role out 5G by the end of this year. However, it is using some Huawei equipment outside of the core network. In effect, the Huawei equipment being used by the company is in the non-sensitive aspect of telecommunications.

That is also the case for Imagine Communications, which is investing in a €300 million wireless broadband network using 5G.


The first 5G trial network in the State went live in late November in Dublin’s Docklands area. It serves as a test bed for companies trialling hardware, software and services ahead of the wider rollout of the technology.

While the launch of Vodafone’s trials show progress is being made, it is expected to be some time before 5G becomes widely available in the Republic, not least because commercial devices are only just beginning to hit the market.

5G technology brings faster mobile speeds than existing mobile technology networks, as well as lower latency and increased security and reliability. It also enables multiple devices to be connected.

In addition to the Dockland’s site, Vodafone also started trialling 5G technology via a dedicated rural wireless network in four locations late last year.

Imagine, meanwhile, said earlier this year it expected to have 155 broadband transmission sites live by this month by transmitting broadband signal to individual households through a network of masts. It is understood to be on track.

Those companies, along with now defunct brand Meteor, successfully bid for space on ComReg’s 3.6 GHz radio spectrum to roll out, amongst other services, 5G.

Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton is a contributor to The Irish Times specialising in business