Where’s the beef? ABP Food Group dishes up meat-free burgers

Larry Goodman-owned company launches new meat-free brand called Equals

Larry Goodman-owned ABP Food Group has launched a new meat-free brand in the UK known as Equals.

Equals is a range of fresh plant-based products aimed at those cutting down on meat or who have given it up completely.

The first product in the range to hit the shelves is a meatless quarter-pounder burger made of a mix of seasoned pea and soy proteins.

"Our core business is and will remain in beef but we recognise the growing demand for products that fit a flexitarian and meat-free lifestyle," said Darren Jones, commercial director for ABP UK.


ABP first entered the meat-free market in 2011. It now employs more than 100 people at its Eatwell meat-free processing facility in Liverpool, which specialises in own-label products.

The Equals brand launch is being supported by a £250,000 (€287,000) in-store marketing and social-media campaign and will be available in Asda stores from this week.

ABP said plans to extend listings to other retailers and food service providers over the coming months.