Irish tech entrepreneur turns out for Donald Trump fundraiser

Intercom chief Eoghan McCabe posted a picture with Trump on X last week, having previously taken issue with his immigration polities during his time in the White House

Is Intercom chief executive Eoghan McCabe now supporting Donald Trump’s bid for the White House?

McCabe once railed against the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban (triggered in 2017) but posted a picture late last week on social media platform X with the former president, and recently convicted felon, at a fundraising event held by high-profile American entrepreneur and tech investor David Sacks in San Francisco.

The event raised $12 million (€11.2million) for Trump, according to Sacks, with attendees reported to have included the Winklevoss twins and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar.

In a picture posted to his X account, a smiling McCabe stood side by side with Trump in front of an American flag, with matching thumbs-up gestures. In the accompanying post, the Intercom cofounder claimed he had spoken to six people at the event. None of them, he said, identified as Republican. “All voted or donated Democrat in the past. Now they are backing this guy for his policies on war, immigration, crypto, and more. This is a referendum on those issues.”


“Interesting,” is how Elon Musk, owner of X, described McCabe’s post. Other comments were less complimentary of McCabe’s post, which got 1.3 million views.

It is interesting that McCabe mentions immigration policies. He didn’t seem to be as keen on Trump’s policies in this area just a few short years ago. “This is a very fundamental, human issue, something far bigger. We abhor this and any policy of hate and discrimination, and that’s why we’re getting involved,” was a blog post McCabe wrote in January 2017, following the travel ban.

“If you make it the land of the free no more, you kill the allure. And eventually, not only will you no longer have Muslims, but you won’t get the rest of us either. And that’s before you consider the damage done to our ability to trust you.”

If that picture on his X post is anything to go by, McCabe seems to have gotten over his previous issues with Trump’s immigration ban.