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The OTR wrap: now available with hummus

Electric Picnic line-up speculation, fashion, Nile Rodgers, why people hate their jobs, Questlove, Technion, “99 Problems”, Medium, rock star coders, Buzzfeed and much more

The greatest jazz singer of all: Billie Holiday

Mon, Apr 22, 2013, 09:22


Derry’s Culture TECH festival and the Other Voices TV show have come together for the Other Voices Challenge to find and develop new digital product or service ideas for use within the series. More info here.

Often, the best sports stories, especially in boxing are about the losers rather than the winners. Here’s a poignant profile of the once mighty Don King.

Fa-fa-fa-fashion: here’s my review of the David Bowie Is exhibition currently running at London’s V&A, James Wolcott ponders the idea of punk nostalgia and great New Yorker profile of Andrew Bolton, the curator bringing punk rock to The Met.

Record Store Day shizzle: a dozen Irish writers including Kevin Barry, Paul Lynch, Siobhan Mannion, Peter Murphy and myself muse about our favourite albums, while legendary NYC record shack Bleecker Bob’s calls it a day after 46 years of flogging music.

How to become internet-famous for $68. Or you could save your $68 for Electric Picnic tickets to see Fatboy Slim (Friday), Bjork (Saturday) and the Arctic Monkeys (Sunday). See what we just did? Honk!

99 problems, baby

For all those with the Monday morning blues, why exactly do people hate their jobs?

Did someone mention Electric Picnic? Here’s what all you OTR hipsters need: a cheap-ass phone. #firstworldproblems

To mark the fact that our old pal Questlove’s book Mo’ Meta Blues, which he talked to us about last year, is published in June, here’s a throwback to some old-school Roots TV episodes from 1998

Yo Ticketmaster bitches, get a load of this! Anyone else getting nostalgic here?

Medium going large. The rise and rise of Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone’s new content creation platform Medium.

Inside the Technion, where Israel’s buzzy high-tech sector gets into gear.

Tech Jerry Maguires: now, coders are hiring rock star agents. Recruitment companies ain’t enough anymore.

How K-Pop and J-Pop are saving physical music sales. Someone introduce them to a MP3 stat

Would you pay $35,000 to see new films on the day of release in your own gaff?

Longread of the day: how Buzzfeed became a thing

Porridge with a difference: life behind the wire with US prisons bands from the Sixties and Seventies and meet the chocolate masters from Italy’s Busto Arsizio prison.

Why the future of innovation is ideas not products

Spend some time with the greatest jazz singer of all

Davey D on the vinyl roots of hip-hop

Interesting op-ed by Michael Azerrad about the current state of music writing, with an emphasis on musicians writing about music.

News is bad for your health. It leads to fear and aggression, and hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply. The solution? Stop consuming it altogether”

Relationship advice: when someone you love likes music you hate, what do you do?

This week’s death-of-media bellyfluff: when news organisations move from brands to platforms for talent

It’s Nile time: seeing as Nile Rodgers is everywhere thanks to his awesome guitar playing on “Get Lucky”, here’s a rewind on BBC’s recent documentary on the man from Chic