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The randomiser would really like some Clinton Street Bakery pancakes right now

A gig announcement from last week lost in the hubbub around the Kings Take Jovi gig announcements: Laura Marling plays Vicar Street on December 7. Her show at the Academy back in April was joyful in all the right ways, …

Tue, Nov 2, 2010, 09:42


A gig announcement from last week lost in the hubbub around the Kings Take Jovi gig announcements: Laura Marling plays Vicar Street on December 7. Her show at the Academy back in April was joyful in all the right ways, so fingers crossed that this pre-Christmas hop will be on the same scale. Tickets are €25 (plus Ticketmaster fees) and are now on sale.

Streaming, we’re streaming: check out Cee Lo Green’s new album “The Lady Killer” here (interview with the big dude in The Ticket on Friday) and “The Promise” from Bruce Springsteen (a double- album of previously unreleased tracks from the “Darkness On the Edge of Town” sessions) here.

Say hello to the lads from the toy department: Dead Rubber is a new blog from the Irish Times’ sports dept. If they’re looking for some topics to cover, let’s be hearing them on the new NBA season (surely Pedro is not the only OTR reader keeping an eye on the Heat this weather?), the new breed of Irish pro cyclists, greyhound racing and who the hell is going to take over the Tipp hurling management gig.

Is this really a New Year’s Eve bash I see before me? It is. Kormac’s Big Band and the Japanese Popstars, both acts who’ve had a fine 12 months, team up for hello-2011 bash at Tripod, Dublin on the last night of the year.

It’s the Moriarty Tribunal for record labels: the Guy-Hands-ate-the-chocolate-biscuits-and-bought-EMI case against Citigroup and David Wormsley goes on and on and on. While we wait for the book – oh yes, there will be a book – here’s a good re-up on what’s happened so far.

Meanwhile, EMI do a spot of galactico-like shopping shoving David Guetta and his missus Cathy’s F*** Me I’m Famous venture into a very large shopping trolley. The aim? “To turn the Ibiza dance marque into a global dance brand”. Next stop: the Friday headline spot at next year’s Oxegen. Dinny knows Guetta would attract more Oxefans than Arcade Fire and would probably be cheaper too.

Guetta is number two in the latest DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ poll. That chart may be a great way for some DJs to bump up their fees (and great advertising for the magazine), but Ben Child asks where are all the dubstep dons.

More charts, this time a new take on an old format from BigChampagne. See, Twitter can be useful.

Memo to Irish bands: here’s the marketing plan for your next album. Only a few days to go….

New MySpace: thumbs up or thumbs down? It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that MySpace still appears to be go-to social networking site for music-makers despite all the competitors in the same space.

Interesting post from legal eagle Gary Stiffelman which poses ye olde question if musicians still need record labels. On the one hand: “I cannot think of any music superstar that came onto the scene during my 30+ year career that didn’t benefit from the efforts and money of a major label.” On the other hand: “few label acts ever achieve anything resembling success, even with the assistance of a label’s resources and money.”

Record Store Day part two? The busiest shopping day of the year Stateside is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Here’s a list of what indie record store fans could find in the racks on that day including rarities from U2, Metallica, The Black Keys, Iron and Wine and Gaslight Anthem.

The Lady Gaga numbers: one billion YouTube views equals 15 million album sales. Nothing in there about dresses made out of raw meat, though.

Napster, Facebook and now Spotify: Sean Parker gets ready to rumble. Parker to Spotify users: “we’ve got you by the balls”.

Highly recommended list of 18 essays about the evolution of digital music from one of OTR’s must-read music business blogs, Hypebot.

Also from Hypebot: DJ Shadow’s marketing dude Michael Fiebach on how they market to fans.

Jay-Z shows us the money. Interesting takeaway: Jigga’s making cheddar from “Whip My Hair”. Plus the promo idea for his forthcoming memoirs “Decoded” is quite smart.

There can be life and moisturiser after the boy-band circus leaves town. The most interesting nugget, though, was cut out of the copy by the subs (per Caroline Sullivan in the comments): the non-bro in Bros, Craig Logan, went on to have a career in the record business as RCA label boss.

Anyone think it’s time for an Irish we-hate-hipsters website?

And finally, one of the tunes of the year.

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